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Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Ring Extensions

Are you undecided about which hair extensions to choose? There are so many types of extensions that when you decide to use them for the first time it can be confusing to have to determine which one is best for you. We want to help you in your search for the ideal extensions. Are you looking for 100% human hair extensions of high quality, that are safe, discreet, quick to put on and take off and that don’t mistreat the hair? Well, maybe microring extensions are just what you’re looking for. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of micro ring extensions.

Advantages of Micro ring



The major advantage of this type of placement is that no adhesives or glues are used so there is no risk of causing allergies or damage to the hair or scalp. This is a great advantage when it comes to removing them, as you will not need glue removers or solvents. Therefore you don’t have to spend time removing glue from the hair or extensions. For this reason, we can say that it is a very clean positioning system.

They are also very safe to use as the hair does not fall out of the extensions. Offers a very firm grip. That’s ideal, especially for women who are very active or who do sports. So if you’re an all-terrain woman too, you don’t have to give up hair extensions. Maybe micro ring extensions are just what you need.

They are also very discreet, as they create a very natural effect on the mane. Especially when the placement is made of loose hair extensions. As they are placed by individual tufts, they are almost imperceptible. That also means that with them you can do all kinds of hairstyles, without showing that you wear extensions.

What hair to use for Microring

The micro ring extensions are called permanent extensions or fixed extensions. For that reason it is convenient to choose hair that is of excellent quality, because you will have them placed several months. If it is not of good quality it will become tangled easily and will become ugly and dull from the first washings. And that doesn’t suit you. That’s why you should use 100% human hair extensions of Remy quality.


For micro ring extensions you can use two types of hair, or hair curtain or loose hair. The type of hair you choose will depend on your tastes, because you can use the micro ring system with both.

If you like the extensions divided in tufts, also called point to point, more than the curtains of hair, we have an idea so that the placement is done faster. Puthese dot by dot you see a more natural mane, but it is true that it takes longer to put them. For this reason we recommend to use the pre-glued extensions, but to place them with the staples. Being already divided into tufts saves the time of dividing the hair into tufts of the same thickness. The advantage of this is that if you get tired of the a href=””>extensions with staples or microring, you take them off and put them on with the keratin method, since they are already preglued with the keratin.


Microring extensions with virgin hair

The best thing about micro ring extensions is that you can use the highest quality hair that exists, which is the virgin natural Indian hair . There are in the form of curtain sewn and loose hair, so you can choose the one you like best. Virgin hair can be bleached and dyed to your liking. It is also much more durable, as it can last 2 years or even longer, if you give it proper care.

When it comes to extensions with rings, do they maltreat or break the hair

Micro ring extensions do not cause any damage, because they attach to your hair with metal rings. This avoids the use of glues, adhesives or heat tools, which can cause damage to your scalp or any type of allergy.

The metal ring is tightened with a pliers, but do not be afraid, because in recent years has developed a new type of rings filled with silicone. So don’t worry, because this product is designed not to break your hair.


What are Micro Loop

The Micro Loop extensions are the same micro ring extensions, with the difference that they are already prepared with the incorporated rings. In addition, each strand has a pin that facilitates its placement. They are designed so that they can be placed by someone who has no experience in placing extensions. However, at NaisHair we insist, for your sake, that you choose an experienced professional to fit your extensions. The reason is that it is not enough to know how to tighten a pair of pliers. An expert knows how to place extensions so that they are more comfortable and do not harm you.

Micro-ring hair extensions, how long they last

If you give them the necessary care, they will stay beautiful and will last a long time. They usually last between 8 and 12 months, if they are from hair remy. If they are dark in color, they last about 12 months or more. And if they’re light-colored, they can last about eight months. However, if you choose Indian virgin hair they will last you about 2 years, or even longer, if you take good care of them.

The placement can last between 2 and 4 months. Although this will depend on how fast your hair grows. After that time, they can be lifted up so that they are close to the scalp again. You can reuse them as long as the hair is still in good condition.


What are the disadvantages of micro ring extensions: clients’ opinions

The most frequent complaint made by users of these extensions with rings or staples is the discomfort produced the first days of placement. Especially for sleeping can be uncomfortable if you are not used. This is because the metal rings press on the scalp by putting the head on the pillow. However, many get used to it in a few days. If you think that you are a person with a very sensitive scalp or for any minimal discomfort it gives you a headache, perhaps it would be better to use adhesive extensions , which are very comfortable, even to sleep.

“Can I use microring extensions if my hair falls out?”

If you have serious hair loss problems, micro ring extensions may not be right for you. Being placed in small strands of your hair, could stress the scalp of that area. And if your hair falls out easily, extensions placed that way could aggravate the problem you already have. In this case, we recommend adhesives or temporary extensions.

The idea is that you don’t have to give up the use of extensions. There is something for every taste and need. You just have to pick the ones that go best with you.

Cheer up and show off the spectacular mane that you’ve always dreamed of and that so many women already look like. You can, too.

In the video you can see below we show you how to place the micro ring extensions.

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