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California Extensions: Tips Before You Buy

A couple of weeks ago, we published an article in which we explained what Californian mechas or ombré extensions are.

If you have any doubts about it, in this article we give you some more tips before buying them.

How to choose good Californian extensions

Not all Californian extensions are the same, so choose well. The colour gradient must be beautiful and natural. No straight lines to the ends. That would give the impression that you’ve made some bad quality fuses.

Buy your extensions from a store that has a return guarantee. That detail will give you the confidence that that company has a good quality control. She’s sure of what she’s offering, so she’s not afraid to guarantee returns.

Californian extensions must have a color gradient as if they had been made by a hairdresser, not an industrial machine. Take a good look at the details, so that the colours match well with your own hair.


Here are some tips before buying your Californian extensions:

Make sure that the base color of California extensions is the same as your base color.
Do not compress extensions that have too drastic a color gradient (e.g., black to platinum blonde). A more natural color gradient will give you a more elegant look. They will be appropriate for any day-to-day situation, or even for special occasions.
Ask the stylist to cut and style them to match your hair.
If you have Californian highlights in your hair, make sure the color of the gradient is the same as yours or in a range of 2 or 3 shades lighter / darker.

Don’t you find any Californian wick extensions you like?

If you don’t find extensions Ombre to your liking, there’s still an option for you. You can buy some blond extensions (choose the color of the gradient you would like to have) and ask your hairdresser to color the top of the base color of your hair. Once placed, your stylist will give you the cut and style necessary to get the complete look of Californian wicks.

Californian wick extensions are a quick way to add length and color to your hair, without having to dye your own hair. The contrast of dark and light color looks great. That’s why a lot of women are looking for that look, and California extensions are a quick way to get it. Looks like it’s not gonna be a fast-paced fad. So it’s not a bad idea to invest in good hair extensions with highlights that you’ll be able to use for more than one season.

In the following video you can see how beautiful are the Californian extensions…..

Are there any other questions regarding the use of Californian extensions? You can write it down in the comments.

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