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Differences between Sewn Curtain Extensions and Adhesive Extensions

If you want a long mane at the moment, extensions are your solution. One of its advantages is that there are different types of extensions and different ways to place them. This allows you to choose the one that is most practical for you. Your choice should be based on your lifestyle, your comfort, your tastes or even your pocket. And it is that the different types of placement vary even in price. And it won’t cost you the same with extensions that you’ll have to pay a professional for their work, as with ones that you can put on yourself. That’s why in this article we’ll tell you about the differences between adhesive extensions and stitched curtain extensions. This will help you make the best decision and that you can choose the ones that are best for you.

Both extensions, both the adhesives and the sewn curtains are made of natural human hair, without mixtures. That means they give your mane a very natural look. This allows you to curl them, iron them and even change their colour. Precisely because they are made of natural hair they can last up to 12 months. Much more than if they were synthetic.

Sewn curtain extensions

As its name suggests, this type of hair extensions consists of many strands joined at the top, as if it were a common “curtain”. That’s why it’s been called hair curtains or stitched curtain.


They can be placed with different methods. For example, they can be sewn to your hair, with staples or rings, braided or glued. It is best to have these types of placements done by a stylist to make sure they fit well. That means you have to count on the placement costs before choosing which extensions are the most advantageous for you.

These placement systems are usually called permanent or fixed. We call them that because, once placed, they can last between two and three months. But after that time they can be removed and repositioned. This becomes necessary because the hair grows and the union of the extensions with your hair begins to look loose. You can relocate as many times as necessary while the extensions are still beautiful, which is usually a year or more. Although its duration depends in part on you and the care you give to the hair curtain . In another of our articles you can see how to take care of your hair extensions properly.

In the same category of hair curtains there are some that are sewn by hand and others to machines. Let’s see what the differences are between them.

Hand-stitched curtain

The great advantage of hand-sewn curtain extensions is that you get very fine tufts, so that the extension is not visible to the naked eye. That leaves a very natural mane. You can enjoy long hair in a moment and without noticing that you are wearing extensions. Normally, they are sold with a width of about 25 cm.

Machine sewn

In this case it is a curtain of one meter or more. It’s a curtain that’s sewn continuously. You can cut it into smaller strands, depending on how you want to distribute them through your hair. The hairdresser is undoubtedly the one who can best advise you on that aspect. So leave yourself in his hands. When you cut it, we recommend that you put a little adhesive on the corners so that the lock or the rest of the curtain does not fall apart.


Adhesive extensions

Other fashionable extensions are adhesive extensions . These also fall into the group of fixed extensions but are very simple to place, so the cost of placement is lower. In fact, if you’re skillful, you can even put on the adhesive extensions yourself.

They come in small strips about four centimeters wide. Thanks to that you can spread them all over your head, and no one will notice you’re wearing them. Since the extensions fall out and fuse with your own hair. Besides, they’re very thin and they don’t bulge anything under your hair. One of their most outstanding attributes is how light they are. They don’t weigh anything, so they don’t cause any discomfort. Even when it comes to sleeping with them, they are the most comfortable extensions available.

An important detail is that the extensions are placed with a quality adhesive. Otherwise they could take off sooner than they should. On the contrary, with a quality glue they will last you longer. You’ll just have to reattach them when your hair has grown. However, if you use a strong adhesive, such as cold gel, you will need to use a glue remover when removing them.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply the adhesive extensions. You can try it yourself or with the help of a friend.

Extensions of good quality to a very tempting price

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Have you figured out which extensions go better with you yet?

Whichever one you choose, you’ll get a spectacular mane.