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HAIR EXTENSIONS with or without Glue

Every time we search the web for hair extensions, we see that there are different types, with different techniques and different quality. That’s why we’re going to explain to you in different post what the characteristics of each of them are. In this article we will talk about two families of hair extensions, those that need glue, heat or some chemical product to place them, and those that are placed without glue or chemicals. But, hair extensions with or without glue, which one to choose?

Hair extensions: With glue

Keratin extensions

In this case the extensions are glued in hot. When they started using this type of extensions was used a glue that damaged the hair. However, nowadays, as long as you choose keratin that is of good quality, the glue will not damage your hair.

A good news is that now you can buy these extensions with the tufts already divided and with the tongue of keratin already incorporated. This saves you a lot of time when it comes to setting them up. And, of course, the built-in keratin is of excellent quality.


The extensions will last between 3 and 5 months if you give them the care they need to stay beautiful and hydrated. However, if you have very little hair, ask your trusted hairdresser what technique he recommends.

You can see examples here: Keratin Extensions

Cold fusion

If you have fine hair or it breaks easily, this technique is right for you. Since the cold fusion method does not use heat, your fragile hair is not damaged. This is an innovative ultra sound technology. This machine transforms the electrical signal into waves that soften the keratin. This way the hair extensions fuse with your natural hair. This way you can enjoy a spectacular mane without damaging your hair.

Invisible hair extensions or implants

Hair extension is a replica of the skin. This “Skin” adheres directly to your scalp thanks to an adhesive. Your natural hair will continue to grow, and the hair implant will continue to adhere to your scalp. As an advantage, you can reuse and brush in any direction.

Hair Extensions: Glueless


With this technique we do not use adhesives, heat or chemicals. So, How are hair extensions placed ? They are strands of hair joined by small tubes or rings which is what will help us fix the wick. Your hair is passed through the ring, lifted as close to the root as possible and the ring is tightened, leaving it tight and fixed. The rings, although made of metal, do not damage your hair at all because the inside is lined with silicone. This way, what is in contact with your hair is the silicone and not the metal. As your hair grows, the ring can be adjusted again.

If you get them from a professional, they are easy to put on and your hair will be strong and won’t damage it. At first you may notice that you wear them, especially at bedtime, but in a few days you will get used to them.

In addition this type of natural hair extensions offer you great advantages such as dyeing, straightening, curling … Get a very natural mane in a moment. And if you keep them right, you can wear them for about three months.


How is it done? Each hair extension is attached strand by strand using a small braid in a strand of your natural hair near the root. To this union we make a bond with an elastic rubber band. You can choose the color of the gummy that you like best, or even that is not seen, transparent color. You will have a natural mane, as the attachment points are covered by other layers of extensions or by your own natural hair. And how do we remove them ? All you have to do is cut the rubber band and remove the braid from the hair. It’s that simple and natural.

From what you see, this system is very easy, your hair remains intact without damaging it as no chemicals, glue or heat are used.


Hair extensions with or without glue which do you prefer

With this article we hope to have answered your questions about hair extensions with or without glue. You can continue visiting our on-line shop and see our prices and offers here: Extensions of 100% human hair, Remy quality.

In the next post, we will explain in detail the advantages and characteristics of the curtain extensions sewn family.