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Headband – A Trendy Accessory For Your Hair

flowers touch vintage style headband

When we’re looking for an accessory to adorn our hair, we can opt for using one of the most used accessories in the last months: the headband. Is true that in the last season we saw so many hairstyles with form of braid that were trying to imitate a headband, this year, we continue seeing it in the mainly fashion firms and in the accessories for this season, giving us the most fashion autumnal version.
Now, we’re going to revise the use that celebrities were do with this accessory and let’s revise the proposals for this autumn season.

How can we use the headband

The truth is that almost everyone think that disheveled is associated the headband use, but it can be a great accessory in so many kinds of hair collected.
Just for example, Charlie Theron, use it to complete her hairstyle in the Golden Globe Awards, enhancing her wavy hair and the ending of her hair collected the in the left side.

Charlize Theron Headband
In contrast, Natalie Portman, in a TV appearance, used a headband to enhancing her bun in a taller position.

Natalie Portman Headband
Sarah Jessica Parker likes using headband with the hair down (which is more common). I like specially the way that she leaves some loose strands in the front, enhancing the waves of her hairstyle.
And, finally, who said that short hair has few options?
You can look at Michelle Williams, whom which style used this headband to define the form of her lopsided fringe.

Michelle Williams Headband
I like so much the line Touch de Mango with a vintage and ethnic style. Its prices are from 25,99 €. In Zara we have some metallic headbands with strass from 12,95 €. However the best value for money is in Stradivarius, with headband from 5,95 €. The most economic prices are in Claire’s, from 3,00 €

flowers touch vintage style headband

Stradivariurs’ headband 5, 95 €

ZARA metal headband leaf and cristals
Zara’s headband for 12,95 €

Claires plastic headband
Claire’s black plastic headband for 3,95 €