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How Human Hair Wigs Are Done

Virgin hair is not only used in making virgin hair extensions. It is also used in making wigs. Actually, it is just one of the many types of hair used in wigs, but it is the best hair type.

Like hair extensions, wigs are available in various types. Some wigs are made of real human hair while others are made of synthetic hair. There are human hair wigs that are made of only one type of human hair. But there are also those that are made of more than one human hair type. Among the wig types that are made of human hair, those that are purely made of virgin hair have the best quality. Virgin hair can undergo chemical processes because it has not undergone any kind of chemical treatment before.
How Human Hair Wigs Are Done
Aside from hair type, wigs are also categorized based on their cap type. Read on to know more about wigs so you could choose the wig that is right for you.

Wefted Cap Wigs

Wefted cap wigs are made from hair wefts. Wefts are made by weaving hair strands together using a nylon thread. This is done either by hand or by using a machine. When you look at the inside of the cap, you can see a crosshatch pattern.

Some wefted cap wigs have a part that is called skin insert. This part, which is at the crown area of the cap, is made of silicone. A skin insert looks the same as a person’s scalp. Therefore, it would not be obvious that you are wearing a wig if you are wearing a wefted cap wig with skin insert.

In general, wefted cap wigs are the most affordable wigs based on cap style.

Monofilament Cap Wigs

Monofilament cap wigs are hand-tied wigs. These wigs provide a natural look because the wearer’s scalp can be seen through the monofilament, which is a mesh product. To create a monofilament cap wig, hair is knotted strand by strand to the monofilament piece.

Pure monofilament cap wigs are more expensive than wefted cap wigs because of their structure and the way they are made. It is not easy to hand-tie a wig and it usually takes 30 days to complete one hand-tied wig. If you are on a budget but you want the natural look of a monofilament cap wig, look for a wig whose cap is mainly wefted but the crown is made of mesh.

Wig Styling

After hair is attached to a cap to create a wig, the wig then undergoes further processing in order to style it. The hair is cut, colored, and straightened or curled.

When it comes to hairpieces, those that are made of real human hair are still the best. If you want to have the best human hair wig, look for one that is made of virgin hair. Virgin hair extensions and virgin hair wigs are the best hairpieces.