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How is Remy Hair processed?

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In the world of extensions, Remy hair (also called Remy) is the most valued. This is because it looks more natural when used on extensions. Remi refers to the process by which hair is obtained. The goal of this careful process is that the cuticles remain intact and aligned in the same direction.

If you’re considering buying hair extensions , Remi hair will give you the most elegant and long-lasting look.


What is Remy

Remi hair is human hair, often from India, which has been cut with the intact cuticles. In addition, the aggressive chemical treatments that are applied to other hair intended for weaving are not applied.

When we talk about Remy hair we don’t necessarily mean virgin hair. For example, if a person before donating it performed chemical processes in his hair perhaps we could not consider it virgin in every sense of the word. However, we consider it virgin Remy hair if, after the person cuts it, it is not subjected to any chemical process.

How hair is processed Remy

Donated hair is usually cut from the donor’s head and thrown into piles with other hairs destined for production of extensions. The problem with this process is that no care is taken to ensure that the cuticles of the donated hair remain aligned in the same direction. The result of this is that hair-extensions are easily tangled .

To counteract this problem, the manufacturer of extensions strips the donated hair of the cuticle through an acid bath. Then silicone is applied where the cuticles were before. This gives the extensions an appearance of softness. However, after the extensions are washed on the user’s head, the silicone disappears and the hair becomes tangled and tangled easily, as the cuticles are not all in the same direction.

What are the differences between remy hair and non remy hair

After you use and wash your Remi hair you will find that it remains shiny and natural looking. This is because it is not damaged by the traditional acid bath process. In addition, precautions have been taken in the production process. This ensures that the cuticles remain in the original direction. For this reason, hair doesn’t get tangled or tangled any more than your own natural hair.

Benefits of choosing remy

If you choose Remi hair extensions you can use them longer. However, if you choose extensions made with non-remy hair they will last less time. This is because they have undergone the traditional process with acid in which they lose their cuticles. For that reason, remy hair maintains its beauty without the extra care required by chemically damaged hair.


Different types of hair Remy

However, not all Remi hair extensions are produced in exactly the same way. Single-drawn Remi hair is hair that has been collected directly from a single donor. For this reason, it can naturally be made up of hair of different lengths. On the other hand, Remi double-drawn hair is hair in which all the hairs are of the same length. Because of the time it takes to classify each individual strand of hair to ensure the same length, this is the most expensive Remy hair.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are virgin Remi hair and treated Remi hair. However, in this case these treatments do not detach the hair from the cuticle. They can be, for example, colorations or similar treatments. Of course, virgin remy hair is the highest quality hair. That’s why it’s the longest lasting.


Therefore, if you want extensions that stay beautiful and last a long time choose Remy hair extensions, and if they are also indigenous virgin remy hair , then better. Choose quality if you want to convey an image of elegance and confidence in yourself.

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