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How to Apply Virgin Hair Extensions at Your Own Home

VIRGIN HAIR weft 20inch (50cm)
Pure Virgin Hair Weft 20inch (50cm)
Pure Virgin Hair Weft 20inch (50cm)

When it comes to hair extensions, virgin hair extensions are the best. That is because aside from adding volume, thickness, and length to natural hair, these extensions can be treated like your own hair.

Virgin hair extensions can be attached to your own hair in several ways. Among the methods that can be used are gluing, sewing, clipping, and bonding. While the first three methods can be done at home, bonding should be done by a professional.

Gluing in Virgin Hair Extensions

To do this, you need wefts of virgin hair extensions, hair clip, hair extensions glue, and scissors. When you already have these items, do the following:

  1. Part your hair horizontally at the level of your earlobes. Clip all the hair at the upper part.
  2. Measure the exact length of weft that you need then cut the weft.
  3. Put hair extensions glue on your scalp.
  4. Attach the weft to the glue. Press the weft firmly against the glue to be sure they bond well.
  5. Part your hair horizontally again about 1 inch above the first section. Repeat steps 2 to 4 to attach another weft.
  6. Continue parting your hair and gluing wefts until you are content with the amount of wefts you have.

Sewing in Virgin Hair Extensions

Pure Virgin Hair Weft 28inch (70cm)
Pure Virgin Hair Weft 28inch (70cm)

Aside from virgin hair extensions, the things you need to sew in extensions are rat tail comb, small hair ties, j type or c type weaving needle, weaving thread, scissors, hair clips, bobby pins, and hair brush.

  1. Using the rat tail comb’s handle, part your hair horizontally at the level of the top of your ears.
  2. Use a hair clip to keep the hair at the upper part in place.
  3. Create another part not more than ? inch below the first section.
  4. Create one track by making a horizontal braid using the hair in the middle of the two sections.
  5. Tie the braid’s ends using a small hair tie.
  6. Create additional tracks under the first track. If you will use extensions that are longer than 1 ? feet long, create five to seven tracks. Only about three tracks are needed if the extensions are shoulder-length. Make sure the tracks are not far from each other. Do not make tracks at the level under your earlobes.
  7. Get one weft and gently comb it to remove tangles, if there are any.
  8. Measure the length of weft that you need. Cut the excess weft.
  9. Attach the hair extensions to the track using bobby pins.
  10. Get a weaving thread that is the same color as your hair. Put the thread through the weaving needle’s eye. Knot the ends of the thread together.
  11. Starting at one end of the track, push the needle into the weft and braid. Pull the needle all the way back. Pull until the weft and braid are tightly attached to each other. Continue sewing until the other end of the track is reached. Knot the thread before cutting it.
  12. Repeat steps 8 to 11 until every track has a weft sewn into it.
  13. Gently brush your natural hair and extensions to blend them together.

Clipping in Virgin Hair Extensions

Pure Virgin Hair Weft 24inch (60cm)
Pure Virgin Hair Weft 24inch (60cm)

To do this, you need clip-in virgin hair extensions and hair clip. Do the steps below when you already have the 3 items.

  1. Horizontally part your hair at the level of your earlobes. Use a hair clip to keep all the hair on the upper part in place.
  2. Snap open the clips connected to the weft and then slide the clips into your natural hair.
  3. Snap the clips close to tightly attach the weft to your hair.
  4. Create more sections and clip in more wefts until you are satisfied with the length and volume of your hair.
  5. Do not hesitate to test where you want to place the wefts, since they are easy to put and remove.

While there are other types of hair extensions, virgin hair extensions are the best due to several reasons. To use these extensions, you can choose from various application methods. If you do not want to go to the salon and you want to attach the extensions at your own home, you can choose from the sew-in, clip-in, and glue-in methods.

If you will glue-in the virgin hair extensions, be sure that the weft is firmly attached to the glue before you start making another section. If you will sew-in your extensions, keep in mind that a J-type or C-type weaving needle is better than the I-type. That is because a J-type or C-type needle will not prick your scalp when you sew-in the extensions. If sew-in is the method you will use, start from the bottom track and work all the way up to the topmost track.