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How to avoid hair extensions getting TANGLED?


How to avoid hair extensions getting tangled?

After understanding why your hair gets tangled, we’ll get better the tips to avoid that to happen. These are the following:

1. BRUSH YOUR HAIRhair-extensions-brush

You must brush your hair everyday but softly. Don’t pull your hair out, you can use a brush for extensions, and before using it use your fingers to remove biggest knots in your hair. Start brushing your hair by the ends and following to the roots. You must brush it in the direction of the ends. When the lower part is detangled, continue upward.


Although you can wash your hair normally using shampoo, a lot of hairstylists recommend using shampoo only in your real hair and not to apply on your extensions directly. At least try to rinse it properly, in order to avoid leaving rests of shampoo in your extensions, that after (while they’re drying) could cause more knotted hair. Also there are a lot of products in the market that are specially designed for hair extensions.


silk pillow

Even if it sounds silly, while slipping we turn a lot, so that’s why your head rubs the pillow, and gets tangled. If the pillow or pillowcase is made of cotton, it will make your hair knotted. Silk allows your hair to move more softly and get less tangled.


It’s better to wash it during the day while there are more hours to dry your hair, since one of the worst things to do is sleep with your hair wet. Keep in mind that root hair is the one which takes longer to dry and where the knots start. Make sure that the roots are properly dry before going to sleep.

What if it’s already tangled?

In some cases you can use a little brush (like an eyebrow brush) and brush it in the direction of roots to help those hairs that are tangled in the extensions to come off.
We recommend our brush for extensions. You can rub with your fingers after that to make those hairs to come out easily. If you do that every other day, you’ll manage not having hairs in that area. Do this always with dry hair, never with wet hair.

Another tip: If you have wavy or curly hair, it’s better to straight the area where you’re going to apply the extensions to “tame” your hair and to make sure your extension gets well fixed.