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How to blend extensions in short hair

Do you know how you can grow hair fast and pass from short to long hair in a matter of minutes? Well, if you know, tell us, because we don’t know yet. But until we find out, extensions are still the best way to go from short to long hair. That’s why, in this article, we reveal all the tricks for mixing extensions in short hair. With our advice you can have your look changed without anyone noticing that you use extensions.

How to mix extensions in short hair

If you simply place very long extensions on very short hair, they will most likely look unnatural. You would notice the difference between your short hair and the long hair of the extensions. However, you can do some very simple tricks to mimic the long extensions in your hair and not notice that you wear them.

The first thing you need to know in order to disguise short hair extensions

To successfully mix short hair extensions, the first and most important thing is that you choose 100% human hair extensions . We say this because, to be honest, synthetic extensions will never look natural, whatever you do to disguise them.

Synthetic hair extensions look too shiny, like doll’s hair. In addition, the movement of synthetic hair is different from the movement of natural hair. Even the colors of the synthetics look unnatural and without shades.


For that reason, if you don’t want to be embarrassed, make sure you use Remy human hair extensions.

At NaisHair all extensions are Remy natural hair.

A layered cut

The second step to disguise short hair extensions is to make a layered cut.

You may not like the idea of cutting extensions but it is the layering that will make it almost impossible to differentiate them from your hair. That way your short hair will look like the shortest layer of your mane, followed by a cascade of layers. That naturalness will only be achieved with a strategic cut and well done.


For the cut to be a success the best thing is to leave that responsibility in the hands of a professional. Because keep in mind that extensions hair will not grow back. That means an error in the cut could be irreparable. It’s not like with your own hair that grows back.

For this job choose a hairdresser who has experience with hair extensions.

Choose the right color

When we talk about choosing the right color for the extensions we don’t mean that it has to be a uniform color. How could we say that in this era of Balayage?


Rather we mean that the extensions must match some color or shade of your hair. For example, with the tone of the tips, if you have Californian highlights . You actually have several possibilities:

Choose extensions that match the color of your hair tips.
Choose some extensions of Californian wicks with the dark tone of base similar to your hair.
Color your hair so that it has the same tone as the extensions you like.
In case you have a balayage, or some similar technique, choose extensions that are like your lightest tone.
Combine extensions with highlights with some of the shades of your hair.


Use the necessary number of extensions

The amount of hair you need to hide extensions in short hair is not the same as if you just want volume. If you already have long hair and just want to add volume you can use less hair extensions.

To blend extensions into short hair it is necessary to use more extensions. That means that you will need between 150 and 200 gr. of hair extensions to see a complete mane. However, there are other factors that also influence, such as the texture of the hair. That’s why it’s best before you buy extensions to see our article “How much hair is needed”. It will help you to know how many extensions you need so that the short hair extensions are not noticed.


The following video will guide you to know how many extensions you need, depending on the mane you want to achieve.

Waves hair to disguise extensions in short hair

Although the smooth extensions look beautiful, it must be recognized that they are more evident. Especially when you want to mix extensions in short hair, a smooth look gives you away easier. Therefore, in order to conceal them, it is best to curl them, because they will mix better and look more natural.


In our article “9 ways to create curls without heat” we show you how to wave your extensions without punishing them.

Another option is to buy corrugated extensions to save time and effort, which life is short.

What do you think about these tips for disguising hair extensions? Do you have any other useful tricks? Share it with us in the comments.

If you apply these tricks, no one will be able to say you’re wearing extensions. Encourage yourself to change your look without fear that your secret will be discovered.

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