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How to choose the color of my extensions

Are you looking for color extensions? A specific color and you have doubts? These are some of our colors available for you to compare. Apart from these we also have fused colors or bicolor joining two colors one lighter and one darker so imitate the highlights, such as Dark Blonde with Platinum Blonde (8 / 613). Or Chestnut with Platinum Blonde (4 / 613), also Golden Blonde with Platinum Blonde (27 / 613)


How can I choose my hair color? How can I choose my color extensions?

It is true that it is difficult to choose exactly 100% the same color, especially in light shades. Also each computer screen may reflect a slightly different tone but don’t worry too much about it being an identical color. Sometimes it can vary a little bit and that is not why you will notice that they are extensions, in fact many times the result is great. But we’ll give you some advice if you want an exact color:

*If you’re in doubt between two colors it’s always easier to darken than to lighten. It’s better to go too far than not get there and have to rinse your hair.


Put yourself in daylight. Look at the hair at the ends as the root is usually darker. That would be your color.

Success with the color of your extensions!