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How to Dye Black Virgin Hair Extensions Blonde at Home

Dye Black Virgin Hair Extensions Blonde at Home
Dye Black Virgin Hair Extensions Blonde at Home
Dye Black Virgin Hair Extensions Blonde at Home

Bleaching and dyeing virgin hair extensions are easy to do. That is because virgin hair extensions are made of hair that has never been treated chemically. The hair has never been colored, curled, or straightened.

You can easily lighten your hair at your own home. The bleach and dye are widely available in stores. To change the color of your own hair and black virgin hair extensions into blonde, you need hair clips, 2 pairs of gloves, bleaching kit, wide-tooth comb, blonde box dye, warm water, and conditioner. When you already have these items, do the following:

  1. Comb your natural hair and extensions to make the hair smooth. Use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles. It is easier to bleach and dye a tangle-free hair. The work is finished faster and the hair is evenly colored.
  2. Part your hair and extensions equally into four segments. Pull three sections up and keep them in place using hair clips.
  3. Get the bleaching kit and read the mixing instructions.
  4. Wear the gloves and then pour the lightening powder and liquid color into the bottle containing the developer.
  5. Tightly close the cap of the bottle and then shake the bottle well.
  6. Apply bleach on the hair at the bottom section. Start from root to tip of every strand. Do not rub bleach on your scalp.
  7. Apply bleach on the other sections. Wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour before rinsing your hair. You will notice the color of your hair change into a lighter color.
  8. Wash your hair and virgin hair extensions with warm water. Continue washing until the water from the hair is clear. Remove excess water from your hair.
  9. Massage conditioner into your hair. Rinse the conditioner out of your hair after five minutes.
  10. Dry your hair using a fan and then part it into four equal segments again.
  11. Wear another pair of gloves and then combine all the contents of your dye box.
  12. Apply dye on all sections of hair. Same with the application of bleach, start with the bottom section. Apply the dye by massaging it onto your hair.
  13.  When all sections have dye, pull all your hair up and leave it on the top of your head for half an hour.
  14. Wash your hair with warm water until the water runs clear.
  15. Massage conditioner onto your hair and scalp. After five minutes, rinse out the conditioner.
  16. Dry and style your hair any way you want to.
VIRGIN HAIR weft 20inch (50cm)
VIRGIN HAIR weft 20inch (50cm)

Virgin hair extensions are preferred by many people due to several reasons, and one of these reasons is that it can be dyed. You can easily lighten your black hair and extensions at your own home by buying the needed items and following the instructions listed above. Just remember to perform allergy and strand tests before you dye your hair. Never bleach or dye your hair if you have broken scalp. Bleach and dye your hair in a place that has good ventilation. If your hair is long and thick, buy two bleaching kits. Also, wear old clothes and use old towels while dyeing your hair because the dye will likely stain your clothes and towels.