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How to Have Moisturized Hair When Using Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions
Tape Hair Extensions
Tape Hair Extensions

If you want your hair to grow faster, use tape hair extensions. That is because aside from making the natural hair stronger and longer, these hair extensions also prevent split ends. However, using tape hair extensions also has a negative side. The natural moisture of the hair is absorbed by the hair extensions, thus making the natural hair dry. But there is no need to worry. You can do something to keep your natural hair moisturized. To do this, there are items that you must have and there are steps that you have to do. The items that you need are:

  • Sponge
  • Basin
  • Braid spray
  • Hair and scalp conditioning spray
  • Herbal shampoo
  • Protein shampoo
  • Protein conditioner
  • Shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions
  • Silk scarf

When you have all the items listed above, do the following:

  • Deep condition hair
  • Form braids
  • Use braid spray
  • Use light hair spray
  • Use scalp conditioning spray
  • Use herbal shampoo
  • Use hair extension shampoo
  • Use hair extension conditioner
  • Completely dry your hair and the tape hair extensions
  • Use silk scarf

Deep condition hair

Prior to using tape hair extensions, deep conditioning the natural hair is a must. Deep conditioning makes the hair strong enough to bear the hair extensions’ weight. Before putting hair extensions, your hair must be deep conditioned weekly for several weeks.
Form braids
When your hair is ready, form braids on your hair extensions. The braids should be pencil-sized only so the natural hair would not have a hard time bearing it. Otherwise, the natural hair would be pulled at the roots and you will get bald.
Use braid spray
When you have already made braids, put braid spray on it. The braid spray that you should use must be made especially for hair extensions. When your hair extensions are moisturized, they would not absorb the moisture of your natural hair.
Use light hair spray
For your natural hair to be moisturized and soft, use light hair spray. A hair spray that is light leaves the scalp residue-free.
Use scalp conditioning spray
Using hair extensions can make your scalp dry and itchy. To prevent having a scalp that is dry and itchy, you should use a scalp conditioning spray.
Use herbal shampoo
Use herbal shampoo on your natural hair. Herbal shampoos keep the hair clean and do not leave residues unlike commercial shampoos.
Use hair extension shampoo
Washing the hair extensions is a must. When hair extensions are clean, damages to the natural hair are prevented. Use a shampoo that is specially made for hair extensions. Put water and hair extension shampoo in a basin and use a sponge to clean your hair extensions.
Use hair extension conditioner
After washing your hair extensions, condition it. In a basin, combine water and hair extension conditioner. Add some braid spray also.
Completely dry your hair and the tape hair extensions
After washing and conditioning your natural hair and hair extensions, dry them completely. Do not sleep with wet natural hair and hair extensions. Sleeping with wet hair can make mildew grow on your hair.
Use silk scarf
Wrap your hair in a silk scarf to prevent hair breakage while you are sleeping.
Additional Tips to Have Healthy Hair

  1. Do not use shampoos that have conditioners added to them. These shampoos leave residues.
  2. After washing your hair, do not wrap a towel around it. Wrapping your wet hair with a towel could cause hair breakage.
  3. To keep your scalp and natural hair damage-free, do not use tape hair extensions for more than 60 days.