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How to Relax Tape Hair Extensions at Home

Relax Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are very popular, especially among women. If you have hair extensions and you want to have them and your natural hair relaxed, you can do it at your own home. There are many home relaxer kits available in the market today and you can easily buy one to relax your own hair and extensions.

Having your natural hair and tape hair extensions relaxed at a salon could be costly. Salon services are usually expensive. Also, you would have to travel to and from the salon. That means you would spend time for the travel and money on gas or fare. By relaxing your hair and extensions at home, you will save money and time.

Relax Tape Hair Extensions
Relax Tape Hair Extensions at Home

Relaxing hair and tape hair extensions at home is easy. To do this, there are several items that you must have and steps that you should follow. The things you need are home relaxer kit, wide-tooth comb, clock, towel, and hair clips. The relaxer clip should include gloves. In case the hair relaxer you bought is not included in a kit, you should buy a moisturizing conditioner and neutralizing shampoo. When you already have all these items, do the following:

  1. Divide hair into four parts using the wide-tooth comb. Use hair clips to keep the hair in place.
  2. Check the time on your clock and take note of the time.
  3. Wear the gloves included in the kit.
  4. Starting with the hair at the back of your head, hold a portion of hair that is 1 inch wide. Apply relaxer on that portion. Apply relaxer starting from the part near the roots. Be sure to not put relaxer on the scalp. Work as fast as you can.

a). For virgin natural hair and tape hair extensions, apply relaxer up to the tips of the hair. Repeat step 3 until all the hair has relaxer.

b). For natural hair and extensions that has been relaxed less than eight weeks ago, apply relaxer on the new growth only. If you put relaxer on hair that has been relaxed recently, the hair will be damaged.

  1. Use your gloved hands to smooth down the hair. Avoid contact between the relaxer and the skin and scalp.
  2. Rinse the hair and tape hair extensions with warm water once the time specified in the instructions leaflet has been reached. Be sure to remove all the relaxer from the hair and extensions. Rinse the hair immediately once a burning sensation is felt, even when the time is not up yet.
  3. Wash your hair and extensions with the neutralizing shampoo twice or thrice. This type of shampoo, unlike ordinary shampoo, stops the relaxing process.
  4. Apply moisturizing conditioner.
  5. Rinse and dry hair and extensions. Style as desired.

It is very important to take good care of your natural hair and tape hair extensions. Relaxing them is one way of doing this. Carefully follow instructions to avoid damaging your hair, scalp, and skin. Also, it would be best to ask a family member or friend to apply the relaxer on your hair. This is because you might find it hard to apply relaxer on the hair at the back of your head.