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How to Remove Keratin Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions at Home

Keratin Hair Extensions #16 (Golden Blonde)

Keratin hair extensions are very popular hair pieces. Hair extensions in general are popular because of several reasons. They make the hair thicker and longer. They also add texture to the hair. Moreover, hair extensions allow any person to style his or her hair in any way that he or she likes.

Keratin Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions – PINK
Keratin Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions – PINK

Hair extensions are available in various kinds and prices. You can easily get hair extensions depending on your budget and desired look. Hair extensions are available in three main categories. These are human hair, virgin hair, and synthetic hair.

Human hair extensions are, as the name suggests, made of real human hair. For that reason, these extensions have a very natural look. However, many human hair extensions have high prices.

Virgin hair extensions are also made from real human hair. But unlike ordinary human hair extensions, virgin hair extensions are made from hair that has never been chemically treated and collected from one person only. These extensions can undergo chemical treatments. You could treat them like your natural hair.

Synthetic hair extensions are the least expensive extensions. The downside is many of them look very unnatural. They are too shiny and thin.

No matter what hair extension type you decide to use, you can attach it to your own hair in many ways. Some of the methods you can use are sewing, clipping, weaving, and gluing. Unlike hair extensions attached to hair using other methods, you can easily remove keratin hair extensions in your own home. All you need are oil, wide-toothed comb, fine-toothed comb, hair clips, and keratin glue remover. When you already have these items, do the following:

  1. Except for the first layer of keratin hair extensions, pull your hair up and use hair clips to keep the hair in place.
  2. Put oil on your fingers and then gently rub the oil on the keratin bonds.
  3. Use the wide-toothed comb to gently comb through the bonds.
  4. Put some keratin glue remover on your fingers and then rub the glue remover on the bonds.
  5. Use the fine-toothed comb to remove the keratin glue.
  6. Unclip your hair when you have successfully removed the first layer of keratin hair extensions.
  7. Use the hair clips again to expose the second layer of extensions. Repeat all the steps until all layers are removed.

Hair extensions can help you get the look that you have always wanted to have. There are various types of extensions and there are different ways of attaching them to natural hair. If you decide to have keratin hair extensions, you can easily remove them in your very own home. Just follow the steps listed above. Keep in mind that keratin hair extensions should be removed one layer at a time.