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How to sell my hair or donate it in good condition.

I want to sell my hair!

Every day we get requests from people who want to sell their hair and contact us to ask how to do it. So today we encourage you to write this post about how and where you can sell your hair.

Currently we can consider the option of selling hair as an opportunity to earn extra money. The hair always grows back, so in a few months it will return to its initial length and allow us to regain more income.

It will be very useful to read this other article that will give you tips for get your hair to grow at its maximum possible natural speed. And you’ll also like to read the tips and tricks we offer for increase the amount of hair .


When you’re not used to selling hair you should pay attention to small details that are hugely important to those who make the hair purchase.

Requirements: How to sell my hair

There is no doubt that the main requirement is that the hair being sold is virgin . By this we mean that the hair has not been subjected to aggressive treatments such as dyes, straighteners, perms and discolorations. In short, a totally attractive and healthy hair. Failure to comply with this requirement does not mean that you can not sell the hair, in fact, all types of clean and healthy hair may be sold but the purchase price will depend on the quality of it. And, of course, the quality of virgin hair is the highest that exists.

Other requirements are volume and, of course, hair type. It is common for wavy and voluminous hair to be more in demand than straight hair. There is a requirement regarding the length, 40 cm.


As for color, there is no requirement or condition. However, the lighter the color, the more quoted it will be. The natural blond remy virgin, because it is more scarce, is sold at a much higher price than chestnut or black, which are more common. If you want to understand better what Remy hair is and its different qualities you can see this article .

Where can I sell my hair?

In today’s society, the changes of look with extensions, false or flequillos are a constant. Therefore, we can find a large number of buyers. Today we will focus on 2 types of environments where they buy natural hair.


Buy hair and then make wigs, extensions, hairpieces … Most companies specializing in the sector have departments where hair is purchased directly.

Although one thing you should keep in mind is that there are companies that buy your hair but on the condition that you pay the shipping costs of your hair. This may not be an inconvenience if you live close to the buying company. But if you live too far away, maybe on the other side of the world, you should consider whether it’s really going to be profitable for you to sell your prized mane, because the shipping costs may be higher than what you’re going to get for your hair.

Learn more about these details because you may not earn anything, or almost nothing, at the end of the sale. If so, you might want to rethink whether it’s really worth getting rid of your precious mane.


Private buyers

In a particular way there are people who buy the hair and then order wigs or custom hairpieces.

In short, if you think you have natural, healthy hair and want to change your look, remember that you can sell what you cut or donate it to a href=””> other purposes .

We wish you success in selling your hair!