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How to Sew in Indian Virgin Hair Extensions

Sew in Indian Virgin Hair Extensions

When it comes to sew in hair extensions, many people prefer Indian virgin hair extensions. These extensions have a high quality and can last for up to 90 days. The Indian hair used to make this hair extension type has never been chemically treated. It was never dyed or straightened or curled.

Sew in Indian Virgin Hair Extensions
Sew in Indian Virgin Hair Extensions

To make virgin hair extensions, the hair collector cuts the hair straight from the donor. After cutting the hair, it is put right away on a weft or track to keep the original direction of the cuticles of all the hair strands. All the cuticles originally run in one direction. If strands are attached to a track or weft in a way that their cuticles run in the same direction, the hair extensions are less prone to tangling.

VIRGIN HAIR weft 20inch (50cm)
VIRGIN HAIR weft 20inch (50cm)

Indian virgin hair extensions are easy to sew in. All you need aside from the wefts of virgin Indian hair extensions are weaving cap, scissors, comb, flat iron, needle, and thread. When you already have these items, do the following:

  1. Comb your hair and then make horizontal cornrow braids. The thickness of every cornrow must be in the ½ inch to 1 inch range. Do not make very thick cornrows because the hair extensions will not look natural when you attach them to the cornrows.
  2. Wear the weaving cap. Be sure to put the cornrows’ end inside the weaving cap.
  3. Place the weft of Indian virgin hair from ear to ear to know how long the weft for the initial row should be. Using your scissors, cut the weft once you know the exact length needed.
  4. Using the needle and thread, sew in the virgin hair extensions. Start at one end of the weft. Insert the needle through the weft and then under the cap. Pull the needle until you feel that the weft is held tightly against your own hair. Do this until the other end of the weft is reached. Make a knot to hold the weft in place. Cut the thread using your scissors.
  5. Create more rows of hair extensions. The rows should be ½ inch apart. After sewing every row, be sure to make a knot to prevent the weft from getting displaced. Repeat this step until your ear level is reached.
  6. Sew circular wefts starting from your ear level. The first circle should be sewn on the weaving cap’s front edge. The circular wefts should have a ½-inch space between them. Continue sewing circular wefts until only a small circular area is left on the weaving cap. The diameter of that circle should be 1 inch.
  7. Make a topknot. Get a weft that is 2 inches long and roll it until the weft’s top gets a spiral shape. Sew the weft five times to be sure that the shape will be kept. Make sure the middle part is also sewn.
  8. Make the topknot flat by using a flat iron. The top part of the weft should face down.
  9. Place the topknot on the bald spot and sew it on the weaving cap. Start sewing from the top.
  10. Style your hair extensions any way you want to.

Indian virgin hair extensions are of high quality and are easy to use. That is why many people like to use them. If you want to use this type of hair extensions, just follow the steps listed above.