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How to Take Care of African-American Virgin Hair Extensions

Among the various types of hair extensions, virgin hair extensions are considered as the best type. That is because these hair weaves have never been chemically treated. This means you can chemically treat them any time you want to. This further means that you have more styling options with this type of hair extensions.
African-American virgin hair extensions are coarse and have many styling options. These extensions can be applied on your own hair thru several ways, including gluing, fusing, and bonding. For the hair extensions to last long and remain in good condition throughout their life span, they should be properly taken care of. To properly care for African-American weaves, there are several things that you should do.

Choose the Appropriate Type of African-American Hair Extensions

There are different types of African-American hair. Therefore, there are also different types of African-American virgin hair extensions. By choosing the hair extension type that matches your own hair, taking care of the extensions become easier. You can use the same products that you use on your natural hair and the extensions and your own hair won’t tangle.

Use a Weaving Cap

It is important to wear a weaving cap before having the African-American virgin hair extensions attached to your head. That is because attaching the hair extensions to the weaving cap instead of your hair protects your hair and scalp. The glue can irritate your hair and scalp and the extensions can put a strain on your hair. Another advantage of using a weaving cap is your hair is allowed to grow freely underneath the cap.

Weaving Cap
Weaving Cap

To attach hair extensions to the weaving cap, have your hair braided by a professional hairstylist and then wear the cap. When you are already wearing the cap, let the stylist attach the extensions to it.

Use Appropriate Hot Hair Tools

Because virgin hair extensions are made of real human hair, these weaves can be styled using hot hair tools. But you have to be careful in choosing and using a flat iron and/or curling iron. Run the tools on the proper temperature so as not to damage the hair weaves.

Flat Iron
Flat Iron

Use Hair Extensions Maintenance Products

If you want your hair extensions to be in the best condition every single day, you should use maintenance products such as leave in hair conditioner, oil sheen spray, hair brush, silk scarf, and gel. Leave in hair conditioner makes the hair soft, smooth, and manageable throughout the day. The hair brush removes tangles. Before sleeping, apply oil sheen spray on your hair and virgin hair extensions before wrapping them with a silk scarf. The oil sheen spray and silk scarf prevent tangles from forming while you are sleeping.