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Inserting Skin Weft or Sewn Extensions

A skin weave is a type of extension that is applied all at once rather than in small pieces. The weft consists of a fabric or elastic band that is approximately 12 inches long. Extensions from hair curtain are sewn into the band and come in a variety of lengths. In this post we will explain how to apply a skin weft to the hair.

How to apply a skin weft to the hair

Skin wefts are attached to the scalp rather than the hair, like traditional extensions. Applying skin wefts is faster than applying traditional extensions.

Things You’ll Need

Skin weft
Hair Glue
Hair dryer
Weaving Needle or Pin
Hooks or siliconated rings for hair extensions
Alicates small


First part: paste the weft

Comb the top of the hair up using a comb and secure with a hook. Make sure you’ve created a straight hairless scalp line.
Hold the skin weft over the area of the head where you want to place it and determine where the excess should be cut. Cut the fabric band at the top with a pair of scissors to leave the weft at the proper size.
Turn the skin weft so that the concave section is facing upwards. Apply a thin layer of hair glue to the fabric band at the top of the weft. Distribute the glue with the tip of the glue applicator so that it covers the entire band.
Turn the skin weft again and insert the side with glue directly onto the scalp. Press down on the top band of the plot and hold it for five to ten seconds to help it adhere.(
Turn the hair dryer on at low temperature and place it on the top band of the skin weft. This will help the hair glue dry faster.
Pull a thin layer of hair from the portion that is hooked to the top of the head. There should be enough hair to completely cover the skin weft. Comb the straight hair so it doesn’t get tangled.

Part two: Sewing the weft

Insert a small round hook or silicone rings at the end of a knitting needle. Take a 1/8 inch section of both natural and artificial hair with the hooked end of the needle. Hold the round ring with one hand and pass the needle through it with the other hand to thread the hair through it.
Press the hook upward until it is approximately ¼ of an inch from the scalp. Squeeze the hook with a small pliers to secure it in place.
Repeat the process to install the hooks or rings along the entire length of the remaining weft of skin.

What do you think? Isn’t that hard?

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