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Myths and errors about uncovered extensions

Nowadays, more and more women feel the desire to renew their look using extensions. However, so many negative things have been heard about them, that they end up rejecting the idea, out of fear. Will my hair fall out? Will they get tangled? Will they damage my hair? Are negative stories myths or reality?


As of today, you will find no more impediments to start using them. In this article we’ll expose all the common myths and mistakes that surround extensions.

1. Hair extensions damage hair


There is nothing more wrong than to make such a statement. If they did so much damage, believe me, they wouldn’t be that popular. To clear up this myth, it is important to remember that extensions are nothing more than an amount of hair that will be attached to your hair, through tweezers or hooks. It’s very similar to wearing a tail on your hair.

On the other hand, there are different methods to place the extensions in the hair, which are more delicate than others. This guarantees that people with fine hair can also use them. The most commonly used is the clip extensions , as it facilitates the placement and removal of the extension, without damaging the hair. If in doubt read the article: “Which extensions damage the hair less”. It will help you to know which are the ideal extensions for fine and delicate hair.

2. The extensions won’t go well with my color


This is another common error, which usually happens when we are determined to use the extensions. To put aside this myth, it is important that you know that extensions come in different textures and colors. This indicates that you will always find one that matches your hair. Plus you can dye them to get the tone of your hair.

3. Extensions will be noted


Many times, we believe that when using them, it is very easy for people to discover that we are using extensions, which is totally false.

One of the main objectives of the extensions is to be the least visible, and cover those areas of missing hair safely. In this way, they offer us the advantage of being able to be trimmed, dyed and mixed with our natural hair, without leaving any evidence.

If hair extensions were noticeable, then it wouldn’t make sense for so many celebrities to use them. Look at this example:


Do you notice Michelle Obama’s extensions?

4. The weight of the extension pulls your hair


Without a doubt, this myth is far removed from reality. It’s obvious that you’ll feel more weight when you use them, but nothing you can’t carry naturally. It can resemble having your own natural hair, a little longer. Do you think it would be too heavy for you? Of course I don’t.

The difference is that your own hair grows so slowly that you get used to the weight gain without realizing it. But with the extensions you feel the difference in weight in less than half an hour. This makes some women, very apprehensive, think that it weighs a lot, but it weighs no more than a mane of their own. And we assure you that, to the weight of the extensions, you will get used to it in a day or two.

It is also important to mention that there are many models of extensions, which are very light and comfortable to use, such as the adhesive extensions . This way, you can mix them with your hair without feeling weight.

5. Extensions will make your hair fall out


It is normal to lose a certain amount of hair every day, as it is a regenerating process in which the hair follicles are strengthened to make way for hair growth. This means that it has nothing to do with the use of extensions.

The people who claim this, surely do not take the care that the use of the extensions requires. For example, to remove them from their hair, they usually pull them out. They do not comb them constantly, so undesirable knots are produced, among others. Basically, your bad habits end up damaging your hair and extensions.

With all this, it can be totally clear that hair loss is not related to extensions. Everything will depend on the care that each person has in their beauty routine.

6. extensions become tangled and are difficult to maintain


Like your natural hair, if you don’t care for it and comb it properly, it may become tangled in no time. The same applies to extensions. In this way, you can eliminate the myth, about which they become entangled easily. In addition, if you choose 100% human Remy quality hair extensions, they won’t get tangled any more than your own hair.

Now, there is another myth about extensions, where it is stated that they are difficult to maintain, with respect to the care required for natural hair. Without a doubt, it is something totally wrong. To make it clear, we will explain it through the following example.

Your natural hair requires specific care to keep it healthy and shiny. To do this, you need to comb it, hydrate it, and cut it when necessary. In addition to this, you must apply certain habits in the care of it. In the case of extensions the process is much simpler.

Take care of extensions to banish old myths and errors

For example, to achieve maintain extensions in good condition, only these 3 steps must be met.

Comb them.

Extensions need to be combed frequently to avoid knots and tangles. Nothing better than always carrying a soft-bristled brush with you, with which you can do it. The best brush for that is the Tangle Teezer “without jerks”, because it doesn’t break your hair even when you comb it wet.


    Not being able to produce bait, to stay hydrated, as with normal hair, it is necessary to hydrate them. To achieve this, you just have to apply some product or natural mask to look healthy and bright.


    The last step consists of wash extensions . In the case that they are removable extensions, you should wash them only when you have applied a product that is difficult to remove, because the remains of the product can make it difficult for the combs to comb easily. Otherwise, it is best not to do so in order to avoid unnecessary drying out.

    If they are permanent extensions, you can wash them when you need to wash your own hair. Just keep in mind that you must do it with delicacy so as not to entangle the extensions yourself, when washing them.

    Once you complete the above steps, you will be able to maintain the extensions, and increase their lifespan. Similarly, they are easy to perform, and do not require as much time, as the maintenance of your natural hair.


    As you can see, the myths and errors that kept you from using the extensions have been completely clarified. This will give you the peace of mind you need to make the decision to include them in your beauty routine. So don’t wait any longer, and have fun surprising everyone with long, abundant hair in record time.