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Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions are the most popular extensions. More and more women are using extensions to look and feel beautiful and increase their self-confidence. If you also want to feel satisfied with your beauty, hair extensions are just what you need. In this article we’ll help you learn more about permanent hair extensions, making it easier for you to make up your mind.

What are permanent hair extensions

The permanent extensions are systems of extensions that once you put them on are of long duration. It can take two or three months until you need to touch them up or raise them, so that they are close to the root again. This is because your own hair grows and the joints of the extensions are getting lower and lower. You can reuse them that way for a long time. If they are 100% human processed hair extensions may last a year or more. But if they are of virgin Indian hair they can last two years or more.

The length of time depends largely on the care you give to the extensions. You have to protect them when they sleep so they don’t get tangled up. Also wash them carefully and in the right way. Comb them delicately, and hydrate them like your own hair. If you want to know how to do each step well read our article: “How to take care of natural hair extensions“.

What are the advantages of permanent hair extensions



There are many advantages of permanent hair extensions, which is why they are preferred by many users.

Their greatest virtue is that they offer a very firm grip. That’s why with this type of extensions we usually feel safer.

They are also more imperceptible than temporary or removable extensions. Especially if you choose a point-by-point positioning system. You’ll make it impossible to find out you’re wearing extensions.

Another advantage is that for people who want to wear them on a daily basis it is very comfortable that the extensions are always on. If you only want to use them for special moments, such as a party or some other event, temporary extensions are ideal. But if you want to use them every day, for work or college, it may not be practical for you to have to take them off every night and put them on every morning.


What are the drawbacks of fixed hair extensions

By the fact of being permanent or fixed extensions there are several things involved in their use. For example, you have to sleep with them. For most women who use extensions, that’s not a problem. However, some people like temporary extensions, such as clip-on extensions, because they prefer not to have to sleep with them.

However, there are different types of placement for permanent extensions, and some of them are very comfortable, such as adhesive extensions , or sewn-in extensions. It’s a matter of proving which one you’re most comfortable with.

If you have a very delicate scalp you may prefer to use clip extensions , as these extensions can only be worn when you feel like it and it is not necessary to wear them the whole day.

Permanent hair extensions should be placed by a professional expert in placing extensions. This makes them more expensive than temporary extensions, which you can put in your own home.

What are the most recommended types of fixed hair extensions

There are many methods of placement for permanent hair extensions, but I will only name the most popular and those that are most liked by the users of permanent hair extensions.

Sewn extensions


It consists of sewing hair curtains to your braided hair. It’s a very firm grip. It does not cause allergies because it is not necessary to use adhesives for its application. The placement procedure can be quite long, depending on how many curtains you want to place. However, it is a fairly durable placement.

For most of the people who have used them, it has turned out to be a very comfortable system. However, you should try for yourself if it is comfortable for you. If after trying it you find that you don’t like it you can reuse the same hairpiece with other methods of placement, until you find the one you like best.

The most comfortable is the adhesive extension system


They don’t bother at all, not even to sleep. Besides, they’re very light so you don’t feel weight on your head. You can even forget, at times, that you’re wearing extensions. On the other hand, as they are distributed in small tufts all over the head, they are quite undetectable. With them the mane achieves a most natural movement.

The adhesive used in these extensions is of surgical quality, so it does not create allergies or any other problem.

After you’ve been using them for about three months, they need to be removed to be reattached. But you don’t have to buy new ones, because you can reuse them twice as much. That means they can last about 9 months, or longer, if you take good care of them.

Extensions of staples or rings


They are placed in small tufts throughout the head, so they are also very discreet.

For those who have never used them, they can be uncomfortable when sleeping with them. But, most users get used to it in a few days. They may not be the best option if your scalp is very delicate and you know beforehand that you won’t get used to it.

If you also suffer from problems of severe hair loss, you should not use this type of placement either. In that case it is recommended that you ask your trusted stylist which method of fitting is best for you. This is necessary as he can analyze your hair and your scalp and give you his recommendation based on the actual condition of your hair.

Keratin extensions


They’re also very popular. Its placement system is also point by point, or by tufts. That makes them look very natural, because their movement is very organic, very similar to your own hair.

Keratin does not damage the hair, as long as it is a quality keratin. The most recommended is the Italian keratin because it is resistant to high temperatures.

The best and most practical thing to do is to use pre-formed tufts with keratin tips, as this speeds up the laying time. But you can also use loose hair, especially if you want to use the virgin natural Indian hair , because it is the best quality hair in the extensions market.

Can I use permanent hair extensions if I have fine hair


Yes, of course I do. Having fine hair is not an impediment to using extensions. What you can do is inform yourself what extensions damage your hair less .

Ideal for fine hair are the adhesive extensions . They’re very comfortable, even for sleeping. They do not weigh, so they are ideal for use on fine and delicate hair.

But an excellent option for you may be temporary extensions. They are ideal for fine hair because you can use them only for occasions, which will allow your scalp not to be stressed.

You can even use them every day but only for a few hours, such as during school or work hours, or perhaps to go out late at night. The rest of the day you rest from them. That’s great, because you don’t even have to sleep with them. In fact, it is necessary to remove them before going to sleep, otherwise they could be damaged before their time.

I hope this post will help you choose the extensions that go best with you. Which ones do you like best? Give us your opinion, below in the comments.

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