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Tape Hair Extensions: What Are Remy Hair & Yaki Hair

Yaki Straight Weave
Tape Hair Extensions Wavy #4 (Dark Brown)
Tape Hair Extensions Wavy #4 (Dark Brown)

Tape hair extensions are very popular these days. Various types of hair are used in creating tape hair extensions. Two of these types are Remy hair and Yaki hair. Remy refers to the quality of hair. Yaki, on the other hand, is a term used to describe the texture of hair. All strands of Remy hair come from only one human source and their cuticles are kept. Yaki hair could also be Remy hair, but it could also be non-Remy. It could also be made from non-human hair.

Remy Hair

Remy hair is a high quality hair. It is not easy to make Remy hair extensions due to several reasons. One reason is that they have to be made from real human hair. Aside from that, there has to be only source of hair. Moreover, the cuticles are preserved and made sure to run in one direction only. Remy hair is smooth and manageable. It does not tangle.

Collecting Remy Hair

In collecting Remy hair to make tape hair extensions, all strands have to be aligned first. After that, the hair collector cuts the hair as close to the scalp as possible then bundles the cut hair in a ponytail. The collected hair is then cleaned thoroughly. When the hair is already clean, the strands are aligned once again.

Remy Hair Types

There are several types of Remy hair. The two main types are virgin and non virgin. Virgin hair is unprocessed hair. Non virgin hair is hair that has undergone chemical processes. Whether the hair is processed or unprocessed, it is Remy hair if all strands have a cuticle. The other types of Remy hair are single drawn and double drawn. In single drawn Remy hair, the strands have varying lengths. In Double drawn Remy hair, the length of all strands is the same.

Yaki Hair

Yaki Straight Weave
Yaki Straight Weave

Yaki hair is hair that has the same texture as an African American hair that has been relaxed. Yaki hair can be made from Remy, non-Remy, or synthetic hair. A non-Remy hair is composed of strands that are from various sources. This type of hair also does not have cuticles anymore. Remy hair is used to make a deluxe Yaki hair.

Yaki Hair Types

Yaki hair is another type of hair that is used to make tape hair extensions. There are four types of Yaki Hair. These are coarse, kinky, regular, and silky. Coarse yaki hair has the same look and texture of a normal African American hair. It is either curly or wavy. Kinky yaki hair looks like hair that has been made straight with the use of a blow dryer. Regular yaki has the appearance of relaxed hair. Regular yaki is not very silky. Silky yaki is like the upgraded version of regular yaki.  Aside from looking like relaxed hair, it is silky.