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Tricks to make Smooth Extensions unnoticed

Using hair extensions without anyone noticing it is very easy. That’s the way it is, especially when your hair is wavy or curly. Your waves intermingle with the waves of the extensions to the point of mimicking completely in a unique mane. But we’ve realised that when it comes to smooth extensions, it can be a little more difficult to hide them in your hair.

It is true that the ideal trick to mix your hair with extensions is to form waves with both parts of the mane. But at certain times you may not want to carry waves. Maybe you like straight hair a lot. And I share that view. It looks impressive hair with an extreme straight, shiny and with a lot of volume. That’s what a lot of women who’ve decided to wear extensions are looking for.


Wavy hair may have enough volume on its own. However, when you straighten your hair is when you perceive if you lack volume. And that’s where we realize how different we would feel if we could have bulkier hair. That’s where our desire to wear hair extensions is born. That’s why we haven’t given up. We’ve searched until we found the keys to using smooth extensions, unnoticed.


How to make smooth extensions look natural

First you must know that there are countless smooth extensions on the market. In fact, if you want wavy or curly you must specify it when you buy them, because most extensions are actually smooth. This means you don’t have to iron them to remove the curls. But, to mimic the extensions with your hair if you’re going to need to iron them a little. For that reason you should choose 100% human hair extensions , from Remy quality . That way you can iron them without any problem, just like you iron your own hair.

That are extensions of natural human hair

Another reason to choose 100% human extensions is that they look completely natural. They look very much like your hair, or even identical. It looks and feels like human hair, because it is.


On the contrary, synthetic hair does not look natural, because it is not. It doesn’t move like natural hair. Her appearance is stiff, like doll’s hair. Therefore, it will always be impossible to hide synthetic extensions in human hair. If they’re wavy, they may confuse someone who’s not very observant, but if they’re smooth, they won’t fool anyone.

Something similar happens with extensions that are a mixture of natural and synthetic hair. Or even the extensions that aren’t Remy. With none of these you will get the careful and natural look you get with 100% human remy hair extensions.

Choose the right color

Another thing that will help them look more natural is choosing the right color. You can opt for hair color extensions. Or maybe you like different colors to get a colorful look. Or maybe what you’re thinking is a balayage, which is so fashionable. If you prefer this last option we recommend that you let your hairdresser advise you to choose the right color, or colors.

After you have the extensions, your hairdresser will be able to decide if it would be good for you to nuance or make a balayage in your hair, so that they intermingle more naturally.


On the other hand, if you prefer the extensions to be the same colour as your hair, be sure to choose a similar colour. If you have a peculiar color, difficult to find in extensions, the best option is to choose extensiones de pelo virgen. Being virgin hair, untreated, you can color or bleach it to your liking. That way you’ll make sure there’s no difference between your hair and that of the smooth extensions.

What are the types of placement of more natural extensions

Another factor to bear in mind is that there are some tile installation systems that are more natural than others. For example, invisible thread extensions are not such discrete as keratin or ring or microring extensions. The latter, because they are placed by tufts, offer more naturalness than extensions that form a single piece or curtain.

However, remember that the type of installation must be chosen taking into account many factors, not just naturalness. You should also take into account the comfort or condition of your scalp.

The length of the smooth extensions with respect to your hair

Another detail to keep in mind is that the more difference there is between the length of your hair and the length of the extensions, the more they will be noticed. That’s why try to choose extensions that aren’t too long, compared to your hair.

So that nothing is noticed it must be between 7 and 10 centimeters longer than your hair. It may be a little longer, but remember that the bigger the difference, the more obvious the extensions will be.


Also choose the amount of hair needed, especially when using smooth extensions. If you wear a small amount, the tips of the extensions, which protrude under your hair, will look poor. The tips should be well filled, so that you do not notice that you have extensions. Sometimes a 100 gram package is not enough. Read our article “How much hair extensions are needed”will help you know how much to buy.

In the following video you can also see how to calculate how many grams of hair you need to have the mane you want:

How to hide smooth extensions


If you decided on temporary extensions, such as clip extensions, you only have to take into account the following tips.

The first thing you should do is iron your hair first, before placing the clip extensions. When placing them, try to make the lines of division in your head as straight as possible. After putting them back on the iron, but takes tufts of your hair along with hair extensions. This will help you to see a more compact and united mane.

Other tips for blurring smooth extensions

Since they are extensions that you take off and put on yourself, try to calculate well the exact position where you place them the first time. This is important if your hairdresser cuts you in layers, with the extensions, so that they integrate better to your hair. If the next time you put them in a different place on your head, the cut could look squared. Therefore, use your memory and some strategy well, to make sure you put them in the same place.

In order for the extensions not to be noticed, it is important that the ends of your hair are healthy. If they are open or very dry you will notice a lot that you wear extensions. Your own damaged tips will be noticed and underneath them the healthy hair of the extensions will be seen. Therefore, try to cut your tips often, every 6-8 weeks. Or when you notice that they start to dry out excessively.

How to cut extensions so they don’t show


The hairdresser is the expert. Try to go to someone who has experience placing extensions. But what is obvious is that a layered cut is the ideal cut for blurring smooth extensions. This way the extensions will look like different layers of your own hair.

If at any time you feel like wearing voluptuous waves, you can make them, no problem. Our Remy human hair extensions can be waved with heat as many times as you want.

I hope I helped you to wear your smooth extensions with elegance and confidence.

And you? Do you have any tricks to hide extensions that you want to share with us?

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