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Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is hair that has not been treated, i.e. it has not been permanently treated, dyed, bleached, or chemically treated in any way. The hair of a ponytail or curtain comes from the same person, has the cuticle intact and in the same direction.

Why is this so important? Because this prevents it from becoming entangled, tangled or detached from its own head once placed. The cuticle is like a “fish scale,” a layer that covers the hair to protect it. If the cuticles are in a different direction (one up and one down), the hair will become tangled. If you don’t have a cuticle, you’ve lost the protection, and it’ll be damaged by the washings. In addition, virgin hair with cuticle preserves the color and feel of any natural hair.


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What is the difference between ponytail and curtain

Loose hair is sold in ponytails, tied at the root end. Hairdressers use it to make extensions themselves. They attach this hair to that of the person with keratin, with rings or with thread. In the case of hair curtains , they are placed on your hair using the sewing technique, especially in African-American or Latin hairdressing salons.

If you want to learn the most common techniques used to place hair curtains we recommend you read our article “How to place hair curtains”.

How should I care for virgin hair

As we said, it’s 100% human hair , so take care of it like you would with your own hair. Wash and condition it frequently. You can use a hair dryer, although it is always better to let it air dry. To find out how to take care of your extensions you can read our articles that talk about it.

Can I cut it

You can and you must. To begin with, once placed in your hair, it is advisable to make a first cut so that the hair has a more natural fall. Afterwards, it should be maintained, as you would with your own hair, and even more so considering that it has no root from which to receive nutrients.

How often should I wash it

Little by little you will see how long your hair “asks you to”. The more you wash it, the more it will spoil, but in general, you can wash it as many times as you want. It’s a strong, long-lasting hair that will withstand as many washes as necessary.

Can I dye it

Of course, you can dye it completely or partially to create highlights.

What textures are available

The hair comes in a naturally smooth texture, but you can also buy it wavy or curly. This process has been carried out in the most artisanal way possible so that the hair does not get damaged. The permanent has not been done in an industrial way, but in a manual way, as in a hairdresser’s.


What are the differences in the origin of the hair

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