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What is the adhesive power of your extension tape?

How long should adhesive extensions last? Why do my extensions fall out right after I put them in?

The nearly 100% probability response is due to placement failure.

Imagine putting a $5,000 sound system in your $1,000 worth of vehicle. It wouldn’t make sense, would it? Well, that’s what happens if we put a mediocre adhesive on quality adhesive extensions. The result would not be satisfactory. The extensions would fall off immediately after the first wash.

Nais Hair has chosen SUPERTAPE as the most effective adhesive, for the following reasons:

Power of adherence: More than 2 months of adherence. (You won’t need much more adherence since after this time your own hair will have grown and you will have to “retouch” your extensions, or raise them so that the union is not seen)
Cleaning: No residue or balls when removed.
Homogeneity: Not easily split
Price: Its price is more affordable than other brands.

Is it possible that the adhesive tape for extensions

a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>1In this article we take the opportunity to share with you an apparent problem that you can find in the application of the adhesive extensions. We have received some complaints about the adhesive tape fixation time. In some cases the same customer who successfully applied the adhesive extensions suddenly fails to apply them. Since the professional has apparently followed the same process as always, the natural tendency of the professional will be to blame an alleged bad state or manufacturing defect of the adhesive tape. But the reality is that only a change in your usual shampoo or conditioner can create this problem.

Interview with a professional technician in the manufacture of SUPERTAPE surgical adhesives for extensions

We share an excerpt from an interview with a professional technician in the manufacture of SUPERTAPE surgical adhesives:

NAIS HAIR: Have you ever had a manufacturing defect in Supertape? If yes, what type of defect?

SUPERTAPE: We have had no cases of complaints when Supertape has been applied DRY, CLEAN and WITHOUT CONDITIONER. We had a complaint from a client who said the tape fell off their clients right after they applied it. We sent him more tape for his clients and he failed again. She tried to think about what might have changed in her application process from the old ones and realized that she had started using a new conditioner different from the old one. When you tried to use the tape with the previous conditioner, it did NOT fail. Apparently, the conditioner he started using recently affected the degree of restraint he was getting from customers.

In cases of sudden failures in the adhesion power of adhesive extensions, I would recommend analyzing which shampoo or conditioner this client is using that could be causing such a different result for this particular client.

NAIS HAIR: We know that supertape is one of the best used adhesive extension tapes, but over the years marketing this product have you received any complaints about any real quality problems?

SUPERTAPE: No. Most of our customers report that after correctly applying Supertape or Supertape Low Profile, it further extends the duration of the extensions.

NAIS HAIR: Do your customers report a better result with Supertape or with Supertape Low Profile?

SUPERTAPE: I think most people say they get a safer fixation using Supertape, although they also like Supertape Low-profile.)

4. NAIS HAIR: Is there a chance that the adhesive tape will dry out and lose its adhesive power when stored for a long time?

SUPERTAPE: No. All are relatively recent lots and have a life expectancy of 2 to 3 years of storage.

Interesting, isn’t it? We hope that this article will be of use to you in the application of your adhesive extensions.

Video illustrating how to reattach adhesive extensions

We also recommend that you watch the following video on how to use the Supertape double-sided adhesive tape to reattach adhesive extensions.

Greetings from the NAIS HAIR team