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Why You Should Choose Remy Virgin Hair Extensions

Remy Hair Collection Process

If you want to have the best type of virgin hair extensions, you should look for extensions that are made of Remy hair. Remy hair extensions have the highest quality and they are the most natural looking extensions. The hair is shiny and manageable. It does not tangle unlike other hair types.

The quality of Remy hair is due to the process that it is collected and kept. The way that Remy hair is collected is different from the way that other hair types are gathered.

Typical Hair Collection Process

The usual way of collecting hair for extensions is by gathering hair from various donors and then putting all the hair strands into containers without sorting the collected hair. This way of collecting hair is fast and easy. However, the original alignment of the cuticles is not preserved. Hair strands whose cuticles run in different directions are prone to tangling and hard to manage. In order to make the hair manageable, it is washed using a chemical. The chemical removes the cuticles. When the cuticles are already removed, silicone is applied on the hair to make the hair appear smooth and silky. Hair extensions are then made when the hair already has silicone. The problem with this technique is that although the hair extensions are very manageable when newly bought and used, they soon become unmanageable when the hair no longer has silicone. Normal washing of hair extensions washes away the silicone. When the hair extensions no longer have silicone, the hair becomes prone to tangling and matting.

Remy Hair Collection Process

Remy Hair Collection Process

Remy hair is collected in a special way. Actually, Remy is the name of the process that the hair is collected. In this process, the cuticles and their original alignment are kept. Remy hair is collected straight from the donor who is usually from China or India. The hair is bundled right away to preserve the original alignment of the cuticles. Because of the process that Remy hair is collected, it retains its smoothness and manageability for a long time, even with frequent washing.

Types of Remy Hair

There are four types of Remy hair. Single-drawn and double-drawn types are based on the length of the strands. Virgin and non-virgin are based on the original state of the hair.

Single-drawn Remy hair, although comes from one donor, is unsorted. Because of this, the hair has strands that have varying lengths. Unlike single-drawn, double-drawn Remy hair has strands that have the same length because it is sorted. Between these two Remy hair types, double-drawn is more expensive because it takes a lot of time to sort the strands.

Not all Remy hair is virgin hair. A Remy hair could have been chemically treated while it was still on the donor’s head. But whether or not the Remy hair is virgin, it is not chemically treated after it is cut from the donor’s head and made into extensions. Remy virgin hair extensions are more expensive that their non-virgin counterparts.

Benefits of Using Remy Hair Extensions

There are many benefits of using Remy hair extensions. Among these benefits, what really sets Remy hair extensions apart from other types of hair extensions is their ability to last for a long time.

There are many types of hair extensions to choose from. If you want to have extensions that look natural and can last for a long time, choose Remy hair extensions. If you are willing to spend a little bit more money, get Remy virgin hair extensions. These extensions are the best and they are definitely worth their prices.