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Why You Should Have Virgin Hair Extensions

Using hair extensions such as virgin hair extensions is a way to make your hair thicker, fuller, and longer. Actually, hair extensions are not only effective in adding thickness, volume, and length to hair. These hairpieces also let you have any hairstyle you want.

There are many types of hair extensions. Some are made of real human hair while others are made of synthetic fibers. Among the types of hair extensions, the best is virgin hair extensions. Read on to know more about hair extensions and why you should get extensions that are made of virgin hair.

Why You Should Have Virgin Hair Extensions

Types of Hair Extensions

There are many types of hair extensions and the two main types are human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Between these two types, extensions made of human hair are much better.

There is a limit to the kinds of style that can be done to synthetic hair. Because of the types of materials used to make these extensions, these hairpieces cannot be styled using hot hair tools. Also, many synthetic hair extensions are too shiny and have a fake appearance.

Hair extensions made of real human hair have many styling options. Hot hair tools can be used on them. Some of these extensions can even be dyed.

Types of Human Hair Extensions

In case you intend to get human hair extensions, you should know your options. Human hair extensions come in various types. Some types are based on hair quality while some are based on hair texture. Among all human hair extensions types, the best is virgin hair extensions. These extensions are made of high quality hair that has never undergone any kind of chemical treatment. This means you can chemically treat and dye these extensions any time you want to. Because of the qualities of hair extensions made of virgin hair, these hairpieces are the most expensive extensions.

Extensions made of European hair are less expensive than virgin hair extensions. Although these extensions can last long, there is a possibility that the hair has been chemically treated or dyed before. This means you cannot chemically treat or dye these hairpieces whenever you want to.

Asian hair extensions are the least expensive human hair extensions. These are made of coarse and dark hair. Asian hair can become dry easily, so a conditioner should be applied on it on a regular basis.

Hair Extensions Applications

Hair extensions can be applied through various ways. Choose an application method based on how long you intend to have the extensions. If you want to use your extensions for a short period of time only, you should just clip in tracks of extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply and remove. If you want to have the hair extensions for a long time, you should apply them through sewing, bonding, gluing, or fusing. Hair extensions applied using these methods last for up to 90 days.

Hair Extensions Prices

Different types of hair extensions have varying prices. The cheapest are some of those that are made of synthetic hair. The cheap synthetic extensions cost less than $10. Synthetic extensions that have good quality cost as much as $600. These prices are nothing compared to prices of human hair extensions. Also, by using synthetic extensions, you can save on salon visits. That is because you can easily apply these extensions at your own home.

For extensions that are made of real human hair, those that have very high quality are priced as high as $3,500. These could also be applied at home. However, proper maintenance could require salon visits, and these visits are oftentimes expensive.

As you now know, there are many types of hair extensions and their prices vary. If you want to have the best extensions based on quality and styling options, you should get virgin hair extensions.