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Will my extensions show? She looks like a natural mane.

Hair extensions allow you to wear that long, dense, voluminous hair you’ve always wanted. But you don’t want anyone to find out your secret. So the question arises, which hair extensions are less noticeable.

Currently, there are several types: extensions with gummies, keratin, sewn extensions, adhesive or clip. None of them damage the hair, but not all of them have the same duration and do not require the same care. Are you thinking about putting them on and don’t know which one to decide for? Stay tuned, we help you choose the right extensions.

Which hair extensions are less noticeable


There are many types of extensions, but they can be divided into two categories: permanent extensions and temporary extensions. So you need to know which hair extensions are less noticeable, the permanent ones or the temporary ones? In both categories you can find some that are more undetectable than others. However, those that are best known for going unnoticed are undoubtedly the permanent ones. These are some of the advantages of each of them.

Keratin extensions: naturalness and shine for your hair

The keratin extensions mix very well with your hair because the union is made with a keratin system that contains the same proteins found in nails and hair. They are practically imperceptible, offer a very natural vision and a very well distributed density of your mane. These are strands of hair that are attached to your hair, on top, with keratin. The hot glue technique is used to ensure adhesion and durability. If you want to remove them, apply a special solvent for extensions and you will be able to remove them without any problem. Nevertheless here we leave you a very brief video that shows step by step how to remove the keratin extensions.

Sewn extensions: crazy for the manes!

The extensions of hair curtains sewn are, along with keratin, another of the most used methods. These are curtains of locks that attach to your own hair with different methods. You can choose the placement with staples, knots, braided or sewn. It’ll depend on your taste. You can play at placing them in different lengths to create a different optical effect. They’re either machine-sewn or hand-stitched. The most natural ones are those sewn by hand because they have a more realistic and balanced hair density. They’re either plain or curly, like the ones Beyoncé wears. Durability will depend on the care you give it. However, if you choose the virgin hair curtains they can last you more than two years. You may have long, silky hair for a long time and no one will notice that you are wearing them.

Extensions with gummies: enviable XXL manes

Also called Brazilian knot extensions. In this case the extensions are attached to your hair with elastic thread or rubber bands. The technique consists of rolling and knotting each lock to our hair. It is a very good alternative to keratin extensions, which does not damage your hair because the thread does not contain any type of product.


Other example of hair extensions: adhesive

The adhesive extensions , are other alternatives that you can find. They are glued to your hair with adhesive strips that are already incorporated. The adhesive is surgical quality, so it won’t hurt your hair. They are very thin and weigh nothing, so they will go totally unnoticed. When it comes to removing them, you can easily remove them on your own. They are ideal for when you want to get a quick change of look.

Most popular temporary extensions

The clip extensions , or the “removable” ones, are attached to your own hair with small metal clips or micro combs. The best thing is that they are extensions that you can put on yourself . They go more unnoticed than other types of temporary extensions, such as invisible thread extensions. They’re available in 100% human natural hair, and you can even dye them. In addition to long tufts, there are also other hairpieces such as buns or flequillos. Penélope Cruz, Paula Echevarría or Chiara Ferragni are some of the unconditional ones to this type of accessory. Or did you think their hair had magically grown?