Hair Extensions FAQS

Hair Extensions FAQs

Hair extensions are a great way to easily change the color or length of your hair, without harming your own hair. Here you have some of the questions most frequently asked by customers.
Hair Extensions FAQS

How to Choose Hair Extensions ?

There are many things you need to take into consideration when choosing hair extensions, learn more about : How to Choose Hair Extensions ?

How to apply the extensions?

There are many ways of application. Here you have the most common

1. Skin Weft – These are the latest innovation of the market. Some of them come pre taped, in other cases you have to buy the glue tape and apply it yourself on the top of the extensions. It’s an unnoticeable system, very easy to attach, no weaving or braiding, no chemicals, and no heat harming your own hair. The top of the extension is made of a very thin material, which makes of this system an unnoticeable way of applying extensions. You have to put one piece on your hair, and another one facing back, with your own hair in the middle. It is very important to iron flat. You can style as you want. Hair Weft Extensions  & Tape Hair Extensions

2. Clip-in extensions — The clips have been sewn onto the weft. You can apply them directly on your hair. You can also buy the hair weft and sew the clips yourself. The weft its very thin, so it won’t be noticed once applied.

3. Micro-rings extensions – No heat, no glue, no chemicals used to apply the extensions so no harm to your hair.
The extension is attached to your hair with the rings, which will be fixed with a pair of pliers, so there’s no shedding. The rings are sold in different colors, so they are unnoticeable.

To take the extensions off your hair, you just need to break the rings, so the extension will be loose.

4. Keratin Extensions – The hair is applied in small amounts. An especial keratin gun is applied to melt the keratin on the top of each strand of hair. These extensions should be applied by a professional, but sometimes you can find the whole kit, that includes the extensions, the keratin and the glue gun.

Will others notice I′m wearing extensions?

Think about this: most actress and other famous women wear extensions most of the time, and we have never noticed it. One important fact is choosing the right color, and of course the correct application of extensions will make them unnoticeable to the public.

How long do extensions last?

There are several factors involved. For one thing, you have to have top quality hair extensions, but also use the appropriate hair products.
Good quality hair doesn’t tangle or shed in bid quantity.

All the hair extensions have been previously processed, sterilized, dyed, and sometimes permed.

Since they are not virgin hair anymore, they don’t have the natural oils that your own hair has, so it gets dry easily, and gets thin in time.

Even the best hair has to be replaced after some period of time.

Most extensions last between 6 and 8 months, and virgin hair can last for more than a year.

Will extensions damage my hair?

Extensions shouldn’t damage your hair, as long as you give them the proper care and maintenance.

If tangle happens, hold your hair while you brush it, especially if you have thin and fragile hair.

Have a maintenance session for your extensions every two months.

What makes good quality hair extension?

One important fact is how the hair has been selected; the best hair is virgin hair. This means, hair that has never been processed before (the woman has never dyed or permed her hair previous to its collection), so that makes a healthy, strong hair, which will make high quality extensions, less tangle problems, no dry tips, etc.

The second factor that makes good quality extensions is the way of processing the hair. The kind of dying products the factory uses, the heat applied to the hair, and so on.

Even with a good raw material, a bad method in processing the extensions can damage the hair permanently.

The best hair available is Remy Hair with its cuticle. Its smooth to the touch, all the cuticles go in the same direction, this makes the extensions tangle free.

This is the first time I think about getting extensions. What should I do?

First of all, think if you are going to apply the extensions by yourself, or you are going to visit a stylist.

Choose the right color, one that matches as much as possible with your own hair.

If you buy clip extensions or tape extensions, you could apply them by yourself, or ask a friend to help you.

If you buy keratin or weft extensions, you should go to a professional stylist, some of them offer the whole pack, they sell you the extensions and the charge for the application. But if you get the extensions by yourself, you might save some money.

How much hair do I need?

The best thing is to go to a hairdresser and ask them, they can see how much hair you have now, how much volume you want to have, the hair style you want, etc.

We recommend some 100 grams in the case of keratin extensions (two or three packs)

For Hair weft, you would also need 100 grams, which is one weft should be enough.
With the Tape Hair we suggest 2 packs, as each pack has 50 grams.

You will need more hair in these cases also:

  • Straight hair has less volume, so you can add some more extensions.
  • If you want to have extensions longer than 55 cm
  • If you want a bob style hair cut.

Can I wash, brush, blow, and perm my extensions?

Of course, you can. You can wash your extensions every day, but you will notice that your extensions will be clean and curly for longer than your own hair.

When you wash it, you can leave your hair wind dry. If you blow it, the extensions will get dry, it is better not to use too much heat.

How should I wash it?

Hold your hair and wash it in the same direction, don’t do it towards to the top. Use shampoo or conditioner for dry hair, because your extensions need hydration.

When you brush your hair, start with the tips, and then go up, hold your hair while you brush it.

Can I dye or perm my hair?

Think about what happens with your own hair, if you dye your hair, and then dye it again, it will be very dry. It will tangle easily. The extensions have already been processed. So we recommend not adding more chemicals or heating to your extensions. If you want to have curly hair, choose some extensions that have already been permed, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

What kind of products can I use?

It is very important to rehydrate your extensions. Don’t use products for oily hair. Use products without alcohol. Use products for dry hair. There are some spray conditioners that are perfect for the tips of your extensions.

Can I go swimming or to the beach?

No problem. But if you go to the swimming pool or the beach, it is better to wash your hair immediately, to get rid of the chlorine, or salt from the beach.

When should I Schedule my maintenance sessions?

The maintenance sessions should be Schedule every two months.