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5 Common Mistakes When Drying Hair and How to Avoid Them

Drying your hair seems like a very easy thing to do as part of your routine. But did you know that the way you dry your hair can be the reason it looks frizzy and dull? Find out in this article what you are doing wrong. In addition we will give you some tricks so that you can dry the hair so that every day is healthier and prettier.

Mistakes when drying hair that you could be doing wrong

1.Use a traditional bath towel


The fibres of a traditional towel may be suitable for drying the skin, but for hair they are very rough. This is because the curly surface of a towel, when rubbing against the hair, can lift the cuticles. Repeating this action, time after time, for a long time, will cause the hair to become more and more frizzy and tangled easily.

2.Aggressive towel drying


If we add to the above that sometimes we tend to rub the hair with the towel aggressively, things get worse. And it is that many times, due to the hurry, we quickly rub the hair with the towel, even without realizing it. This not only curls your hair, but it can also break it.

3.Leaving wet hair rolled up in a towel for a long time


Get out of the shower and wrap the hair a couple of minutes in a towel to remove excess water, it’s fine. However, spending the whole afternoon with your hair wrapped in a traditional towel can be harmful. The towel pulls the hair when we roll it in our head. If we also keep it that way for a long time it will accelerate the damage, as it can cause breakage, frizz and even hair loss.

4.Do not use a heat protection product


A common mistake is to apply heat to the hair without first applying a heat shield. Whether we use a dryer or other hot tools, it is essential that you first apply a product that protects it, because otherwise, in a short time you will have the burnt hair .

However, you should choose a protector that is suitable and does not damage the hair. We say this because there are some protectors that, far from protecting the hair, what they do is cause more damage. We are referring to products with silicones. It’s true that when you start wearing them the hair looks very shiny, but don’t be fooled. This effect is due to the fact that silicone is actually a type of rubber or plastic and, by coating the hair, produces that artificial shine. However, over time it builds up, causing the hair to lose its natural shine and feel rough. It can even cause hair breakage after continued use.

It is therefore recommended that you choose a heat shield that does not contain silicones among its ingredients.

5.Drying hair with heat when still very wet


Another mistake we often make is drying our hair with the hair dryer when it is still soaked in water. Due to the humidity the heat is more intense and damaging than if the heat itself is dry. In addition, it takes longer to dry, so exposure to heat is much greater. If you have the habit of using the heat of the dryer when your hair is very wet, in time your hair will dry out.

How to dry hair the right way

1.Use a microfiber towel


Microfiber towels have finer threads than classic cotton towels, so they do not produce frizz. In addition, they absorb more water than cotton towels, reducing drying time.

2.Better to let the hair dry in the air


Whenever you can, let your hair air dry, because that way it won’t be mistreated so much. If you let your hair rest from the heat, from time to time, your hair can grow healthier, stronger and shinier.

3.Use the right products


Use a heat shield whenever you are going to use the dryer, curling iron or iron. Not wearing it damages the hair considerably.

4.That the heating tools are of quality


To dry hair without damaging it it is vital that the dryer is of good quality. It is important that you choose one that has a negative ion generator because it dries the hair faster. This is possible because negative ions separate water molecules into smaller molecules, reducing drying time by 20%. This benefits the hair because it means that the hair does not have to be exposed to heat for so long.

Some of the best ionic dryers combine this technology with ceramic components, which enhances the effect of negative ions. Both virtues allow to dry the hair without drying it. At the same time it eliminates static electricity, leaving the hair softer and shinier.

In addition, a dryer with a very powerful airflow does not need the temperature to be too high to be efficient. So using a good quality dryer, if possible, professional, does not burn hair like cheap dryers.

5.Choose the right brushes


The brushes with wild boar bristles are wonderful because they produce an anti-frizz effect and enhance the natural shine of your hair.

If you prefer brushes with plastic bristles, choose those with ionized nylon bristles. Round brushes with perforated barrel reduce drying time by distributing hot air flow to other areas. It is better that you have the ceramic barrel, because it is more delicate with the hair than those who have the metal barrel.

Ionic brushes are also a good choice as they enhance the effect of the ionic dryer.

6.Divide hair into small sections to blow dry and shape

The correct way to dry the hair without damaging it is to dry all the hair using only the dryer, making fast movements. When it is 80% dry, divide it into sections with a comb. The tufts must be fine for best results. To work each strand of hair use a round brush along with the dryer, and make sure they are completely dry before moving on to the next strand.


7.Make use of the dryer nozzle

With the nozzle of the dryer all the intensity of the air is directed to the tuft of hair through which you are passing the brush. This speeds up drying and styling, so heat exposure will be lower.

To maximize the shine, point the dryer downwards so that the air closes the cuticles. Do not direct the air from the dryer in the direction opposite the hair cuticles. It may seem like something of little importance but this could frizz and weaken it until it becomes brittle.

Finish the job with a few drops of serum, especially at the tips. This last detail is not obligatory, but it will give you a more polished and shiny result.

If you’ve been making these mistakes when drying your hair for a long time, your hair may already have been damaged. In that case you might want to read our article “How to repair damaged hair “.

All the tips we share with you in this article are also suitable if you use hair extensions. You must be careful when drying your hair, even if it is 100% human Remy quality hair extensions, and even more so if it is permanent extensions .

Do you have any other tricks for drying your hair that you can use? Share them with us below in the comments.

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