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7 hair masks with natural ingredients you’ll love

If you’re reading this maybe it’s time to book a night this week to pamper yourself and give your hair love. To help you plan your evening, we’ve created our hair masks with preferred natural ingredients. Pour yourself a glass of good wine and choose your favorite movie or series on Netflix, and get ready for healthier, prettier hair.

Benefits of hair masks with natural ingredients

Hair masks are a fast but powerful and effective way to give your hair many benefits, in just 20 minutes. They are excellent conditioners that soften and moisturize the hair, stimulate its growth, give it shine and even fight infections.

Beauty salons offer treatments with similar results, but much more expensive. However, we have decided to turn to nature to enjoy the benefits and properties of natural ingredients, at a lower cost and with excellent results.

The recipes we’re going to share with you are great natural hair treatments that help hydrate, protect and nourish hair. Read on to see our 7 DIY hair mask recipes.

Natural ingredients for hair treatments

Here’s the shopping list of the natural ingredients you need to make the homemade masks we suggest in this post. As far as possible, try to buy organic ingredients, so that the benefit is greater, because they are free of pesticides and other chemicals.

Coconut oil
Brown sugar
Natural yogurt
Ground cinnamon
Olive oil
Coconut milk

Recipes for hair masks with natural ingredients

1.Coconut oil and honey mask (repairing)

Coconut oil is wonderful for the hair as it helps to maintain the moisture and hydration of the hair. Besides that, it softens, closing the cuticles, and therefore avoids the breakage of the hair. Something that makes it superior to traditional conditioners is that it penetrates deeper and more permanently into the inside of the hair fiber than traditional conditioners.


Honey also has the property of retaining moisture in the hair, preventing it from escaping. In addition, it is not only moisturizing, but also emollient, so it softens the hair and helps it regain shine.


You’ll need the ratio of one tablespoon of coconut oil to one tablespoon of honey.


Mix the ingredients (if the oil is solidified, heat it up a little) the mixture should be warm, not hot.
Apply in all the hair (if a spoonful of each ingredient is little for your hair, increase the amount, respecting the proportion, that is, two of oil for two of honey)
After application, put on a shower cap and let it rest for 15 or 20 minutes (or as long as one episode of a Netflix series lasts)
Rinses and washes hair.

2. Coconut and cinnamon oil mask (stimulates growth)

We have already talked about coconut oil in the previous recipe, and is that for its properties will be part of many recipes for hair.

Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties that will help you eliminate dandruff, combat hair loss, improving blood flow to hair follicles, strengthening them and therefore stimulating hair growth. So if you want longer hair, this is your mask.


One teaspoon of cinnamon for each tablespoon of coconut oil you need.

Mix the two ingredients very well.
Spread the mixture well on the scalp with a generous massage.
Put on a bathing cap and let it act for 30 to 45 minutes.
After that time wash your hair as usual.
You can apply this mask once a week to get the best results.

3.Lemon and egg mask (greasy hair)

Eggs are rich in protein, vitamins A, B12, D and E. It also contains fatty acids that help to preserve the shine of the hair. This is because your hair is made of protein, so the egg helps it stay healthy and shiny.


Lemon is the best thing you can use on an oily scalp, as it has the ability to absorb excess oil. It is also rich in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. It also helps to restore shine to dull hair. On the other hand, it is also good for fighting dandruff, due to its antifungal properties.


Use the white of an egg and the juice of half a lemon.

Mix the lemon juice well with the egg white.
Apply to damp hair and scalp.
Cover the hair with a shower cap and let it work for 30 to 45 minutes.
Wash as usual.

4. Brown sugar and olive oil mask (dry or itchy hair on the scalp)

Sugar is an excellent exfoliant that eliminates dead cells and any other accumulated residue.


Olive oil is a natural conditioner that hydrates and moisturizes dry hair. Restores shine to dull hair, closes split ends and prevents hair breakage.


If, in addition, you usually scratch your head a lot, this mask will be the solution.

Two tablespoons brown sugar and one tablespoon olive oil.

Mix the ingredients.
Apply to the scalp and spread over the rest of the hair
Let it act 20 or 30 minutes
Wash well with shampoo and conditioner

5. Banana, yogurt and honey mask (curly and frizzy hair)

Bananas are loaded with vitamins, potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates, so they help revitalize the hair and eliminate frizz.


Yogurt also has a positive effect on frizz. It has lactic acid, so it helps repair damaged and dull hair.


You’ll need a small ripe banana, two tablespoons of yogurt and a tablespoon of honey.

Crush the banana and mix with the other ingredients
Apply the mixture on the scalp and on the rest of the hair, when the hair is wet.
Put on a shower cap and let it act for 30 to 45 minutes.
Then wash the hair.

6. Coconut oil, avocado and honey (badly damaged hair)

Avocado offers a natural and healthy oil that is effective in hydrating hair. In addition, it contains 20 vitamins and minerals including potassium and folic acid, which repairs damaged cells. Provides vitamin C and E, which promote hair growth. Other of its benefits are that it gives shine, moisturizes and even protects from heat.


An avocado, a whole egg, a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of coconut oil.

Crush the avocado with a fork and mix with the other ingredients.
Apply it to the hair from the root to the tips
Let it act for 20 to 30 minutes
Wash hair well with shampoo and conditioner

7. Coconut, strawberry and honey oil (for dull hair)

Strawberries provide vitamins, especially vitamin C, which is responsible for the manufacture of collagen. For this reason, they help your hair regain its shine.


You’ll need about 6 strawberries, a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of honey.

Mix all the ingredients into a puree.
Apply to wet hair
Let it rest for 10 to 20 minutes
Rinse with warm water and lava as usual

Another option to cutters….

If where you live is difficult to get strawberries or when you get them are very expensive, do not worry, you can replace the strawberries with a little coconut milk.

Coconut milk has niacin and folate, which makes it ideal for stimulating circulation in the scalp. It also contains vitamin E and healthy fats, which nourish the hair. These fats also act as a natural detangling agent. To make the mixture denser and therefore easier to apply, you can add an egg.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot to wear a beautiful hair and well cared for. Using only ingredients from your kitchen will solve your hair problems.


Don’t wait any longer and program that afternoon to take care of yourself and pamper yourself as you deserve, enjoying your favorite series.

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