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Do you suffer from hair loss and breakage? Use a fine hair shampoo. It’s the solution

Do you suffer because your hair is too fine? Yes, that is a problem that can affect us all, but quiet, I brought you the solution: shampoo for fine hair. Not only will I show you which one you can use, I will also give you a millenary secret that is cheaper and, according to the grandmothers, is the best shampoo for fine hair and without volume: natural ingredients.

Certainly a fine mane can bring a lot of consequences, but the worst of them is the break and fall. Fine hair is usually very weak and loose. If you decide to comb your hair you’ll probably have a lot of locks on your brush, and that’s definitely not right. Now we can analyze a little the reasons why you suffer from fine hair.

Reasons why your hair is fine

Inheritance: yes, it is very sad but you could have inherited it from a member of your family. If you see that your sister, mother and aunt have strong, voluminous hair, you probably inherited it from your father. Don’t stop loving him for that, it wasn’t his fault.
Wrong shampoos: unfortunately some brands use chemical materials that are harmful to your hair. Just read the ingredients in your shampoo to discover the source of the damage.
Environment: Believe it or not, those wonderful vacations on the beach or in the country could do more damage to your hair than you can imagine, even make it thinner. You can review our article to find out how to avoid mistreatment .
Poor nutrition: nutrition is very important for a healthy and strong body. Consuming vitamins and foods can significantly improve the health of your nails and hair. When you deny these proteins to your body or eat a lot of junk food, you end up suffering from thinning and hair loss.

Fine hair is not an evil without a cure, you can always resort to other means to increase the quantity of your hair. You can review our article to learn more about it .

Types of fine hair shampoo


Shampoos can be of different types, but how do you know which one to use? Simple, the first thing you need to do is find out what your hair type is. The manes can be classified into many types: fine hair, thick hair, greasy or dry, even the length can influence it.

Looking for a shampoo that suits your hair type is an excellent way to care for and maintain it. Right now we’re just gonna focus on fine hair.

Different types of fine hair

Oily long fine hair: you should use specific shampoos for oily hair. Depending on the intensity of the fat you should wash it interspersed days, ie one day of washing and one day of rest. As you get better, you’ll lengthen the days. It is important that the washing is delicate and gentle. The hydration of the hair should be done once a week and with elements that give strength to your hair.
Short greasy fine hair: you will use the same procedure, but being a shorter hair you will have to wash it every two days. It’s much simpler, since short hair doesn’t get tangled as often, so you shouldn’t regret losing your hair in a brush fight.
Long dry fine hair: you should use specific shampoos for dry hair. The wash will be every other day. And if you want to hydrate it you must be very careful, because if you hydrate it a lot it will lose volume and it will look much thinner. If you don’t hydrate him enough, he’ll dry out and break.
Short dry fine hair: wash it every three or four days with a fine hair shampoo. Hydration should be minimal.

Now that you know what kind of shampoo to use you can attack the problem from the wash. If you have noticed that your hair is badly treated you can check out our article on how to repair it.

Some natural ingredients for your shampoo


Believe it or not, you can add some blends to your hair to give it strength and thickness. These combinations will act as shampoo for fine hair and without volume.

Aloe vera: Try massaging your hair with aloe vera to give it strength and thickness.
Banana: Surprisingly, the banana is not only delicious, it will also give thickness to your hair. Try mixing it with honey and spread it on your hair, it’s a wonder.
Egg: the amount of protein in an egg is enormous. You can mix an egg with a little avocado, mayonnaise and put it in your hair. You’ll get voluminous, strong hair.



If you have tried everything and nothing has worked for you, or maybe you want to do something different, you can try the extensions. They’re really effective and beautiful, and not only will you get a natural and fabulous look, you’ll also help your hair.

To review more about natural extensions you can check out our article: Remy natural hair extensions. You will gain more volume and longer hair instantly with extensions, no doubt, is the definitive solution to this problem.

Having fine hair is not a difficult thing to solve, you can resort to all our advice. What you must always remember is to give energy, vigor and strength to your life, why? You’d be surprised how your mood, health and diet can affect you. The next step is the volume shampoo. Get your favorite and check that it has natural bases.

And if you want to resort to other methods, then look for 100% human hair extensions .

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