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Do you want long-lasting curls? 8 infallible tips to get curls that last all day.

We all love curls, but we like it a lot more that they last all day. It is very frustrating to see how the waves that cost us so much to form fade away in a few hours. So how can you get curls that last all day? In this article we offer you 8 infallible tips so you can finally look perfect and long-lasting curls.

Waves and curls that last all day, with extensions!


If you don’t have as long hair as you’d like, don’t worry, you don’t have to give up the wavy mane of your dreams. Many women are already using hair extensions. But we recommend 100% human hair extensions Remy, so you can comb them with heat tools without any problem. In addition, you can choose wavy extensions , so that you only have to wavy your hair a little.

1.Perfect curls begin with the correct wash


The first step for curls that last all day is taken in the shower. Yes, it is true that in the following tip we recommend doing the curls a day after washing the hair. However, from the washing you can do something that contributes to the success or disaster of your waves. We mean something as simple as not hydrating the hair too much. If you use very moisturizing masks, treatments or conditioners, your hair will be too silky. We all like soft hair but if it’s too soft the curls will fall out faster. The key to long-lasting curls is that the hair has a certain texture. So, if you want your curls to hold, it’s best not to use masks or conditioners.

2.Curls hair one day after washing

Make the curls the day after washing the hair or even two days later. This will allow the hair to have the perfect texture for the curls to set better. If you’re worried about the root getting greasy, you can use a dry shampoo. This way the hair will look clean. In addition, this type of shampoo is, at the same time, texturizing, which will contribute to give more body and duration to the curls.


3.Prepare hair

As mentioned in the previous two steps, it is important that the hair has the proper texture to be able to make curls that last all day. You can do this with the right styling products. Before starting to curl, apply a molding mousse to your hair. This foam allows you to shape your hair while giving it hold. Use a generous amount that you must apply from the roots to the tips.

4.Choose suitable products


Don’t forget to use a thermal protector to protect the hair from the heat of the iron or curling iron. It does not help to fix and maintain the waves, but protects the hair from damage caused by heat tools.

What will help your curls last longer is a fixative spray. You should apply it after the curls are formed. Do not apply it too close to the hair, as it will leave the curls stiff and unnatural.

There are products on the market that combine the two functions: fixation and heat protection. In that case you must apply it before molding the hair, of course. However, before applying heat, wait a few seconds, until it dries.

You can also use texturizing spray. It is lighter than the fixative spray but will give more volume to the curls for longer. It adds to the whole mane more body and texture which will make the curls look better and with that sexy look we see in models and celebrities.


5.Use good quality hot tools

Tweezers or curling irons that are of good quality are coated with tourmaline or ceramic. This allows them not to damage your hair so much, and even with a slightly lower temperature you can make the waves you want. I assure you, it’s worth the investment.

6.Choose a curler with the small barrel to get curls that last all day


The barrel size of the curler will largely determine how long it will take for your curls to stretch and fade. It’s a common mistake to think that a big barrel will give you those big, seductive waves that are so fashionable. However, a slightly finer barrel makes the curls a little smaller, which will naturally open up. So don’t be scared. When you finish curling they may look tighter than you intended, but before you know it they’ll have relaxed their shape and you’ll like the result.

As you gain practice you’ll see how you can make different types of waves, with the same curling wand. “Practice makes perfect.”

7.Hold curls until cool


Another one of the most effective tricks to make the waves last is to fix them until they cool down. To do this you have to secure the locks of hair with hooks or tweezers, keeping the shape of the curl. To be effective it is necessary that the curls are freshly made, still warm. Keep them that way until they get cold, or until you get out.

To cool the curls faster you can use the hand dryer by pressing the cold air button.

This little trick makes the difference between ephemeral curls and long-lasting curls.

You can use the same technique to wave or curl natural hair extensions.

It is inevitable that the curls will open throughout the day. That’s why it’s convenient to leave them tighter than you want them to be. So don’t brush them. Just shake your hair a little with your hands without opening the waves too much.

8.If your hair is very damaged it will not curl


If your hair still doesn’t curl it’s because very dry and damaged hair, and with split ends, is not easy to shape. In that case you need to make a good cut to remove the damaged tips. We also recommend that you urgently repair your hair . You can do this with home remedies for dry, damaged hair . Natural ingredients can give your hair the hydration, shine and elasticity it needs.

As your hair recovers, you’ll find it’s getting easier and easier to make perfect curls that lift glances and passions.


And you? Do you have any other tricks for making curls that last all day?

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