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Dry and damaged hair? These home remedies are the solution

Do you feel desperate because your hair is dry and damaged? If you think there’s no solution, you’re wrong. With home remedies for dry and damaged hair, you can give your hair back the softness and shine it used to have.

So don’t miss the opportunity to regain the look of your hair with the best home remedies for dry, damaged, dull hair. Here we show you the advantages of using home remedies.


Among the main benefits of opting for home remedies for dry and damaged hair are the following:

Allows you to easily untangle your hair

Thanks to the natural oils that home remedies have, your hair can be easily detangled. When your hair is wet, it’s in its most fragile state. During this time, it can become entangled and broken. Natural remedies act as a lubricant that prevents your hair from tangling.

Eliminate dandruff and dryness of the scalp

Commercial products such as shampoos, and color treatments can make your scalp dry and scaly. However, home remedies can penetrate your scalp and correct the condition that is causing dandruff.

Can better penetrate the scalp

Home remedies for dry and damaged hair are characterized by better penetration of the scalp without leaving the hair greasy or stiff.

Allow to hydrate the hair

Hair breakage occurs because your hair has dried and become brittle. A good way to minimize this is to use some home treatment for dry and damaged hair.

Nourish and repair your hair naturally

The remedy for dry and damaged hair is able to nourish hair roots by supplying essential nutrients to the scalp.

Allow to restore the natural color of your hair

If you have dry and damaged hair, nothing is more useful to restore its natural appearance than the use of home remedies. It also helps prevent premature aging of the hair and provides a radiant texture to your hair.


What home remedies for dry and damaged hair should I use

The treatment for dry and damaged hair that you should use will depend on the degree of damage it has. However, they are all geared towards helping you with your dryness problem.

Below we will mention the best natural treatments for dry and damaged hair, to recover the shine and softness of your hair.

1. Gelatin conditioner for dry hair

If you want to strengthen your hair, the best treatment for dry and damaged hair is gelatin. Just mix three tablespoons of unflavored gelatin in a cup of warm water and mix well. The next step is to apply directly on your hair with a massage after shampoo. Let it act for 15 minutes.

2. Egg and olive oil treatment

Egg whites contain enzymes and proteins, making it an incredible treatment for dry and damaged hair. Meanwhile, olive oil acts as an emollient that blocks moisture in the hair.


To take advantage of its benefits, you only have to beat a raw egg and mix it with a spoonful of olive oil and a spoonful of lemon juice. Once you get the mixture, it’s time to apply it directly to your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes.

How to prepare masks for dry and damaged hair


Homemade masks for dry and damaged hair are prepared at home with natural ingredients.

Mask for banana and honey hair

Bananas contain rich nutrients such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Honey helps moisturize and nourish dry, brittle hair, improving elasticity and shine. This is essential to regain dry, damaged hair.


To prepare it you only have to crush a ripe banana and mix it with a spoonful of raw honey. Then apply it directly to your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. You can repeat this mask for dry, damaged hair once a week to notice the changes.

Hair mask with egg and mayonnaise

Both ingredients are of great help for dry and damaged hair. Without a doubt it is a perfect combination for dry and damaged hair.

To prepare it, you only have to separate the yolk of two eggs from the egg white. Once you do, you should beat the yolks with a spoonful of mayonnaise. Apply directly to hair and leave on for 30 minutes.


Olive oil, milk and egg mask

The dry and damaged hair oil contained in this mask will give you back the shine and softness you deserve.

To prepare this amazing hair mask, you only need to drink one cup of milk, two egg whites, a few drops of lemon juice and two tablespoons of olive oil. You must mix all the ingredients and apply it directly on your hair. We recommend you to let it act 15-20 minutes to notice the changes.

How to fix my damaged hair

While you are applying home remedies to your damaged and dry hair, we recommend you opt for hair extensions. If you need your dry and damaged hair treatment to look healthier immediately, extensions are the best choice. In the meantime, you can continue to care for and nourish your hair so that it continues to recover. And, at the same time, it looks like a quick change of look.


Below we will tell you the most commonly used types of dry and damaged hair extensions:

Hair extensions with adhesive tape

The adhesive extensions are characterized by being glued with adhesive tape, special for extensions, to each side of the same tuft of your own hair. Just apply the strips of tape to your hair, near the roots of your hair. This process usually takes about 40 minutes – 1 hour. It is the most recommended method for fine and delicate hair.

Hair extensions sewn / woven

In this type of extensions of hair curtain , what is sought is to join your hair with the extension through a sewing with needle and thread, or a braid. If you have thick hair, this type of extension is ideal for you. Without a doubt it is a quick solution to your problem. And while you can continue to recover your own hair by applying dry and damaged hair creams.

Hair extensions with clip

The clip extensions are wefts of curtain-type hair, but of different widths. They bring some clips or combs already sewn in the upper part. This type of extensions are one of the most used for the ease with which they are placed. Even if you don’t have experience you can place the extensions yourself . It may take between 5 and 15 minutes to get on.


hair extensions

Micro-ring hair extensions are also known as ring or staple extensions. These hair extensions are applied with rings , thus attaching the extensions to strands of your own natural hair.

Even though they take a little longer to set up than the ones mentioned above, they can help you with your dry and damaged hair problem. This is because no glue or adhesive is used.


As you can see, home remedies for dry and damaged hair are your best option to recover the shine and softness of your hair. A wonderful thing about them is that they don’t damage your hair, because the ingredients are totally natural.

However, you must be consistent in applying them in the process of how to moisturize dry and damaged hair with them. The more you use them, the faster you will be able to notice the changes.

And don’t forget to rely on hair extensions if you want to cover your damaged hair while you’re in the treatment process. They are a simple and quick solution.