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Everything you need to take care of your hair in summer: cuts, hairstyles, colour and more.

It was time to change coats and sweaters for light dresses and shorts. At the same time your hair begins to claim a little more of your attention. Actually, taking care of your hair in summer is more than just wearing a hat to protect it from the sun. And it is that, although in winter you are worried about the static electricity of the hair and the dryness, in the summer different needs are created. Chlorine from swimming pools, excessive exposure to seawater and the effect of the sun can punish and burn your hair. Due to these changes in circumstances, hair needs a change in terms of care, products and styling.

In addition, summer hair trends are not limited to the popular shirt waves. Actually, summer hairstyles tend to be very varied and not so obvious.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about everything related to summer hair. For example, we will see the most modern hairstyles, the most current and practical cuts and the latest trends in summer hair coloring. In addition to that we will show you ways to take care of the hair in summer so that the fun does not sacrifice your beauty.


Easy summer hairstyles

During the summer, hair dries out and is weakened by the sun, chlorine and seawater. That’s why the first thing you have to do to take care of your hair in summer is to choose hairstyles that don’t mistreat your hair anymore. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up a careful, flattering style.

There is no single ideal summer hairstyle. On the contrary, summer is the perfect setting for casual looking hairstyles, which favor a lot. Among our favorite looks of the season we can’t miss the braids and pigtails. They are beautiful, comfortable and eternal hairstyles. But these aren’t the only summer hairstyles in trend. We’ll see some of them.



The extra-long braids are ideal hairstyles for both swimming pools and summer night parties.

There are many different types of braids to choose from: French braid, Dutch braid, herringbone braid and more.

If you don’t have long, abundant hair for a spectacular braid, you can use 100% human hair extensions . That way you’ll get a long, voluminous braid that attracts all eyes.

In the following video you can see how to place clip extensions without being noticed, to make you a Dutch braid.

As you can see, it’s not very difficult to make a braid with extensions. You can also do it with the help of a friend.

For this we recommend using human hair extensions Remy, as this way they will look natural, like your hair.



Pigtails may seem like a very basic hairstyle, but they’re the best for the summer. They’re easy to make, allow for many variations in style and keep your neck clear when the heat is overwhelming.

And if you want your ponytail to impress everyone, use clip extensions to lengthen it and give it volume. I assure you, no one will be indifferent to seeing your Ponytail with extensions.

Wet, polished and shiny effect


Sometimes summer, trips, the beach and outings with friends don’t give you time to comb your hair with a hair dryer or iron. But that’s not why you’re gonna stop being impeccable.

To do this you only have to pick up your hair after washing it, when it is still wet. Hold it with a rubber band that does not damage the hair, but keeps it a little tight.

Use hair gel or wax to prevent baby hairs from rebelling and damaging your look. For this you can also use coconut oil or some other natural oil to imitate the wet effect. This way you won’t have to worry about losing your wet style after the hair dries. At the same time, the oil moisturizes, nourishes and protects against external factors.

More modern cuts that help take care of hair in summer

The arrival of summer doesn’t mean you have to get a drastic cut or wear short hair. But what is certain is that it is the perfect opportunity to change look. The best thing is to opt for practical cuts that allow you to look good, without effort, even if you spend the day at the beach and the night? party.

Lob cut with beach waves


The lob cut is none other than the long bob but called by its abbreviation. All indications are that it will continue to be a trend because it is a cut that suits everyone. It is very flattering, especially when the front ends are longer than the rest, because it stylizes the features.

It’s a good way to keep your back clear on hot summer days. And unlike the bob, you won’t have to wait forever when you want to let it grow.

It is very comfortable to wear a lob in layers during the summer because this makes it easier for it to wiggle naturally. However, it is also very smooth or even curly, with well-defined waves. Either way it is a very easy cut to maintain, which you can fix in a moment, so it saves you time in front of the mirror. If you want to give it a casual look, take it with the stripe in the middle. But if you want it to look more elegant for summer parties, the stripe on the side will give it that elegance you’re looking for.

Length in layers with natural waves


Long hair cut into layers is ideal for the summer because, with seawater, unkempt waves form themselves. That’s why you shouldn’t confuse it with the beach waves, which have an improvised appearance, but in reality, you should form them yourself.

It is true that not all people have curly hair like Reyyan, from Hercai, very much to our regret. However, a layered cut can facilitate and enhance curls, according to the texture of your hair. That’s why the style we propose you is formed thanks to the strategic and personalized cut that an experienced stylist will know how to make.

Baby bracelet


We can’t deny that fringes are for the summer. And baby fringe is one of the most avant-garde trends in summer hairstyles. Of course, it’s for daring girls with a lot of personality, who aren’t afraid of their rock side.

It is preferable that you use it only if your hair is straight, because otherwise, humidity will be your public enemy number 1.

If you don’t know which bangs fit you best, take a look at our article “What bangs to wear according to the shape of your face”.

Coloration to enhance the summer in your hair

The perfect color for the summer is one that doesn’t require much maintenance. In other words, don’t let the valuable time you could devote to enjoying the summer go to waste in the classroom. Don’t you agree with me?

Balayage and all its variants


Realistically, the fashion coloring that requires the least maintenance is undoubtedly balayage. When we speak of balayage we can also include others like Ombre, Sombré, Californian Mechas and so on.

This type of coloring is perfect because it enhances the lightening effect that the sun has on your hair, naturally.

So if you want a look of the latest opts for balayage in cool tones as they are very fashionable this season. If you don’t know if cold tones will suit you, start with a coloring that will help with the transition. The ideal in this case is the one we know as Coconut Toasted. It is a degraded blonde, very natural, which mixes cold and warm tones. The root remains intact, so the growth is not accused. There is no point where the clearest reflections begin, but it goes in an imperceptible progression. The color lightens until it reaches the tips where it reaches an impeccable blonde. The nuances of this type of blond resemble the color of toasted coconut, hence its name.

How to take care of hair in summer

Each season has a different effect on the hair so you must adapt the care you give to different needs.

For example, in summer you should wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. In this way, you will help eliminate the accumulation of chlorine from your pool or sunscreen.


At the same time, the use of nutritious and moisturizing masks is increasing to compensate for the dryness produced by the sun.

In addition, it is recommended that you take a good look at your hair to detect any undesirable effects. I mean, you might notice that your roots get very greasy due to the heat. Or you may notice that, at the same time that your hair clears up by itself, it gets rough and porous. Or maybe your problem is that you spend more time in the sea or pool water than out of it. Yes, it’s true that you want to enjoy your summer but, unfortunately, that increases the damage. So how can you take care of your hair in summer, protecting it from damage, while still enjoying the beach, the pool or the sun?

Summer hair problems and their solutions


Problem: Fatty roots

This is one of the most common problems our hair suffers in summer. And it seems very obvious and inevitable: it’s hot, so you sweat. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to improve the situation.

Solution: Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo should be a fundamental part of your summer beauty arsenal. Ideally, you should carry a boat in your purse for use at any time, even if you’re not at home. In another of our articles you can see how to use dry shampoo the right way. You’ll even find a recipe for making your own dry shampoo with natural ingredients.


Problem: Sun-damaged hair

UV rays not only damage your skin but also your hair. Therefore, just as you protect your skin with sunscreen, you must also protect your hair.

Solution: Use sunscreen for hair and reduce the use of hot tools

You can use a sunscreen conditioner and a spray with UV protection. These products will help protect color and prevent hair from becoming porous and dry. Make sure you buy a sunscreen spray that leaves your hair soft and helps detangle it. That way the spray will behave like a kind of curl retriever, so if you have curly hair, it will come in handy.

In addition, wear hats, scarves and anything else that can protect your hair from the sun’s rays. The more you use them, the more protected your hair will be and the less damage it will suffer.


At the same time it reduces the use of heat styling tools. Accept and love your natural hair. On the other hand there are many ways to create curls without heat . This way you will look very well combed without having to dry and burn your hair with the excessive heat of irons and dryers.

Problem: Pool chlorine and excessive exposure to salt water

It is true that on a hot day there is nothing more refreshing than immersing yourself in the water of the sea or the swimming pool. However, that pleasure could come at a price if you don’t protect your hair first. Salt water dries the hair. And pool chlorine punishes it, making it porous and even ruining the color. That’s why you must do something to take care of the summer hair of those infamous enemies (that we love so much).

Solution: Entering the pool with hair soaked in drinking water.

The most effective way to protect your hair from chlorine is to wear a swim cap… but I get the impression that you wouldn’t want to be on the beach or in the pool, with your friends, with that look. Wouldn’t you?

So there’s another way to minimize the damage without losing the glamour. The key is to soak the hair in drinking water before entering the pool or the sea. In this way the hair, already saturated with water, will not be able to absorb so many chemicals from the pool or the salt from the sea.

What you can do is always carry a bottle of mineral water when you go to the beach or pool to keep it handy. The idea is that you never dive into a pool with dry hair because then the hair will absorb the chemicals very quickly.


Problem: Colour treated hair + swimming pool and beach = Scoury hair

Dye chemicals make hair more prone to damage. That’s why it’s best to prevent damage before your hair starts to take on a strange color.

Solution: Use specific products for colored hair

In addition to all of the above tips, it’s also a good idea to use products specifically for color-treated hair. Although these types of products are beneficial to use throughout the year, but is even more important in summer. Try to ensure that the entire product line you use is for colored hair, not just shampoo. And verify that the shampoo has a pH between 4.5-5.5. That way the color will last longer and won’t turn green.


What did you think of these ways to take care of your hair in the summer? They are not difficult tips to put into practice but they make a big difference in the health of your hair. And at the same time you can continue to enjoy your holidays and spend time with the people you love.


What about you? Do you have any more ideas for taking care of your hair in the summer? Share them with us in the comments.

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