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Forget about the iron and learn about these treatments to straighten your hair

Do you have wavy and rebellious hair? Do you want to straighten your hair, either permanently or temporarily? In this article we bring you the pros and cons of the most popular hair straightening treatments.

We all know that fashion comes and goes, and what one day is pleasing to the eye and everyone wants to wear, the next day is supplanted by something that is more attractive and shocking. But let’s face it, the practicality of having straight hair will always be in fashion.

Straight hair, no doubt, brings excellent benefits. It’s easy to handle, doesn’t need to be styled for hours and is sexy. For those and other reasons, for many of us, straight hair is the best choice.

There are so many methods known today to make our hair look straighter than it is, and the results are amazing.

There are many hair straightening treatments on the market. We can also put into practice some homemade tips that offer very good results.

A quick solution, if you want to temporarily straighten your hair, is to use a hair dryer. Or, if you want a more flawless straightener, you can use hair straighteners. However, while they work, they also have many drawbacks. That’s why many of us resort to longer-lasting hair straightening treatments.

Some disadvantages of using a hair dryer and straightener

Straightening hair with heat is an effective alternative, but it should not be the first. This method has been used since ancient times to create elaborate hairstyles and lighten the hair wave a little. The instruments for transmitting heat have evolved over the years, but the consequences will always be the same: in the end, the hair will end up burning and breaking, losing its original properties.

A clear example of the above is the iron: we all know how harmful the constant and excessive use of the iron can be; it turns out that it modifies the structure of the hair cuticle producing irreparable damage. None of us want dry, brittle hair, do we? Let’s enumerate all the disadvantages we can observe:


Dry, lifeless hair.
Less volume.
Dehydrated hair.
Increase or propensity of dandruff.
Weakening of the hair.
Burns not only on the body of the hair, but also on the scalp and skin.
Appearance of brackets.
Alopecia, which is hair loss. It’s also given the name of baldness.

And if you add dyes, discolorations and other treatments to your iron or dryer, imagine how weak your hair can be. If you have been a victim of the disadvantages of ironing, and your hair cries out for help, know how to repair your hair.

How to straighten your hair from the comfort of your home

If you’re not attracted to the idea of using chemical-laden hair straightening creams, there are other solutions.

There are natural recipes that you can use as hair straightening treatments. Many women who have tried them have had good results. They worked for me, too. Below we leave you a couple of ideas for you to confirm its effectiveness. Of course, you must understand that their results are not immediate and require constant applications to obtain them.

Preparation with egg and olive oil

Beat a couple of eggs in a bowl and add olive oil until you see a homogeneous mixture.
Then spread the product all over your hair, massage and let it work for an hour or until it dries. Then rinse with lukewarm water, and repeat application at least 2 times per week. This mixture will seal the cuticles, resulting in naturally smoother, more manageable hair.


Banana and milk mask

In a bowl crush some bananas, to this you will add, a little milk until you get the consistency of a cream.
Apply the product to damp hair, leave on for at least 30 minutes and rinse. Don’t forget to repeat the treatment 3 times a week to achieve excellent results.


If you notice unfavorable changes in your hair do not repeat the procedure, and it will be good to see your doctor of confidence. Some of the reasons why it would be advisable to discontinue the procedure would be because:

Appearance of dandruff.
Abnormal hair loss.

If dandruff has invaded your scalp, check out some suggestions to eliminate it in two by three, in our post where we explain how to eliminate dandruff .

How to straighten your hair with professional methods

If you’ve tried some homemade options and you don’t notice any changes, it’s time to go to your trusted salon. There they will offer you alternatives to achieve straight and natural hair. You decide which one to perform. Here we’ll explain some of them:

Japanese smoothing

Very common in the 1990s and still applied frequently. This is a technique that will give you formidable benefits, plus silky hair with a natural movement. Clearly it should be done by a professional to ensure the best results.


French smoothing

It is characterized by providing a better result than Japanese and Brazilian straighteners, as it lasts longer and repairs the hair more intensely than others, keeping the hair straight for 4 or 5 months. After this time, the effect disappears little by little.


Brazilian smoothing

Original: it is necessary to spend three days with the product in the hair without the possibility of making pigtails or using accessories such as hairpins.
Intelligent: it has a more concentrated formula of natural oils and white clay, and requires a longer process, but you can wash your hair on the same day.
Botox: its main function is to lower the frizziness of the hair without removing volume.


Keratin smoothing

Keratin has been the most popular treatment in recent years, but it is not a smoothing treatment as such. Its objective is to moisturize and shine shiny hair, with fewer waves and volume for 4 or 5 months.


Organic straightening

Tanninoplasty, nanoplasty, amino acid smoothing or enzyme therapy are organic procedures that prevent frizz, hydrate and smooth naturally over a period of 2 to 5 months. The best thing about these hair straightening treatments is that they don’t have any chemical components. That’s why they are perfect for all hair types, and even suitable for pregnant women.


Anyway, there are many options for you to straighten your hair with these treatments to straighten your hair.

If you lose volume when using hair straightening products, don’t worry, use extensions. With them it is now possible to have straight hair with volume. This is undoubtedly a rather tempting option.

In this case, we recommend that you go for quality and choose 100% human hair extensions , remy quality. They are the most natural and durable type of extension. Don’t settle for less.

In the following video you can see the advantages of human hair extensions over synthetic hair extensions.

To find out some easy and convenient ways to manage your extensions visit our article from tactics for using hair extensions. Just remember to seek help from an experienced professional, who will guarantee you positive results.
If you notice your hair dehydrated and lifeless, perhaps burned or in bad condition, we invite you to read our article about treatments for burned hair.

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