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How can I untangle Natural Hair Extensions?

How can I untangle my extensions? This is one of the main problems that many users of extensions complain about, the annoying tangles in the extensions. That’s why in this article we explain how to untangle hair extensions in the easiest way.

Human hair extensions can give you the chance to have a super-long, natural-looking mane. In addition, if you give them proper maintenance they can remain beautiful for a long time. Without proper care, however, large knots and entanglements can often form. This can make having hair extensions a little stressful. Fortunately, you can untangle natural hair extensions patiently and easily.


Why do extensions become entangled

First of all, it is important to clarify that quality extensions should not become entangled more than your own hair. If your extensions are constantly getting entangled the reason is simple: they are of poor quality. That’s why at Nais Hair we always recommend investing a little more in quality, which are 100% human hair extensions , Remy quality, without mixtures.

But what if the mess has already been installed on your extensions? Then here we explain what to do to untangle your extensions without damaging your hair or the hair of the extensions.

There are many types of qualities of natural hair extensions. Application systems range from < to href="">hair curtains sewn, glued, braided or stapled. This type of extensions are called permanent or fixed extensions, because they are placed for several months. In the category of fixed extensions there are also adhesive extensions and keratin extensions. On the other hand there are temporary extensions such as invisible thread extensions or clip extensions. These extensions are called temporary because they can be removed and put in daily.

No matter what kind of extensions they are, they can all get tangled up. However, the most likely to become entangled are the permanent type. The reason is that you don’t take these extensions off to sleep or to wash your head, and that’s where they can get tangled up the most. Since you take them off to wash them, you can prevent them from becoming entangled. So, to find out how to wash clip extensions the right way, and not get tangled, you can watch the following video.


To succeed in untangling hair extensions you must first examine how tight the knot is before attempting to untangle it. If it is too tight then you may have to cut it to remove it. Ask your hairdresser if the tangles of your extensions are close to the root of your own hair and if you can simply remove them with your fingers or by combing them. If the tangle is large and close to the root you must be careful not to damage your own hair.

To untangle hair extensions all you need is a hair conditioner, a wide-tooth comb and a hair dryer.

How to untangle hair extensions

Moisten the area of the natural hair extensions you want to detangle. Wet hair does not generate static electricity which is very good for preventing tangles from becoming complicated. Carefully try to untie the knot as much as you can using your fingers.

Apply hair conditioner to the entire knot and surrounding area. Do not apply conditioner to areas near the scalp or where extensions have been applied to your own hair. Your extensions could come loose. Gently rub the conditioner over the knot, trying to get the conditioner into the center of the knot as much as possible.

Firmly attach the part of the hair that is above the knot to avoid pulling the joints to your head which could damage your hair or loosen the extensions. Take the wide-tooth comb and start combing over the knot. Continue combing until the knot loosens. Repeat the operation using your fingers to disassemble the entire knot. Then repeat combing with the comb and your fingers to untangle the hair extensions until the knot disappears. Repeat for each knot.

Rinse conditioner after removing any knot from extensions. Comb your hair in its entirety with the wide-tooth comb. Dry detangling with your hair dryer to prevent more knots from forming.

Extra Care

Wash your hair at least once a week. If dust and sweat accumulate it can result in tangles. Sleeping with your hair down is not recommended. If you tie it in a ponytail or in a loose braid before going to sleep you can avoid entanglements. It’s also good to use a silk or satin pillowcase. They are softer fabrics that avoid friction, and therefore, entanglements. However, pillows with conventional fabrics can make extensions, or even your own hair, more tangled.

In short, always remember that good extensions should not get tangled up if you take good care of them. But if your extensions are already tangled you just need a little patience and a little time. You can give your extensions a soft, silky look. However, since it is best not to get tangled, we recommend our article: how to prevent hair extensions from getting tangled .