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How do I get my hair to grow faster?

Many women ask us: “How can I make my hair grow faster?” Maybe they never get to see their hair the length they want because they suffer from hair loss. Another reason could be that they have very fine hair and are easily broken. That’s why in this article we offer you some simple and economical tips to help your hair grow faster.


How to make hair grow faster

There are products that promise to make your hair grow, but they are often expensive and not affordable. That’s why in this article we’ll give you a few tips to help you achieve your goal. Perhaps applied individually do not seem like a spectacular solution, however, if you apply them all together you will see amazing results in a short time.

Cut, however contradictory it may seem

There’s no way to repair damaged hair, so if you want your hair to grow faster, you’ll have to start by cutting the damaged one. It seems like a contradiction to start cutting your hair if you want to have it long, but damaged hair doesn’t grow. By the time your hair reaches your waist, it’ll be about six years old. If when you started to let it grow, it already looked bad, imagine after 6 years. Short but well cared for hair is always prettier than long but damaged hair, so start at the beginning, ¡sanea the hair!

Cut the tips of your hair frequently. If the tips are wrong, the damage will go up the hair, and you’ll never get it to grow, so eliminate that damage immediately. The hair grows one centimeter a month more or less, those who want to keep it in a certain measure, should cut it one centimeter a month. If you want to let it grow, you can cut the same measure every three or four months. Between each maintenance session, examine the sunlight for any open tips and cut them off. If you do it in a constant way, you will be able to space the maintenance cuts.


If you don’t dare cut your hair yourself, choose a good professional, and tell him clearly what you want. Every time I’ve gone to a hairdressing salon to cut my tips, I’ve ended up with much shorter hair than I wanted, so talk before they put the scissors in so that it’s clear what you both understand by “a centimeter”.

Minimize the use of heat tools

Avoid the heat in your hair, no ironing, no molding, no blow drying. If you have to dry it hopelessly, let it air dry first, and use the dryer only at the end.

Avoid aggressive chemical processes

Do not use chemicals in your hair. If you have to colour your hair, it is better to use natural products, such as Henna, which will also give your hair more body. There are also many brands of products low in peroxide, which damage your hair less. Don’t permanent or straighten your hair chemically, as this can damage your hair. If that happens you’ll be forced to cut your hair more than you thought. In that case you’ll take a lot longer to get it long.

Do not use hair accessories that break hair

Beware of hair accessories, such as hairpins, hair bands, etc…. If when you take them off you see a lot of hair tangled in them it means they’re breaking your hair. If so, you’d better avoid them. In addition, very tight ponytails damage the hair as they can cause it to fall out more than normal.

Protect your hair in summer

Avoid chlorine and salt, i.e. swimming pools and the beach. If you’re going swimming, wash your hair as soon as you’re done. If you do it on a regular basis, you may want to wear a protective hat. If you spend a lot of time under the sun, it might be good for you to buy products with UV protection. Our article: “How to take care of your hair when bathing at the beach or pool” will give you many useful tips to protect your hair.


Care for Your Health

7- Avoid extreme diets. If you want healthy hair, health starts from the inside. Don’t cut all the fat out of your diet, or restrict calories too much. Your hair needs biotin, an essential vitamin to prevent hair loss. Drink plenty of water. Get enough sleep. Eat vegetables and fruit rich in antioxidants. And, not least, try to reduce the stress in your life.

Use natural home remedies

Use natural masks from time to time to care for your hair. For example:

Apply aloe vera directly to your scalp, it’s very good for fine hair. Many shampoos and other hair products contain aloe vera. If you have aloe vera plants at home, extract the juice and apply it to your scalp, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse. Wash your hair with your usual shampoo.
Coconut oil or coconut extract is another solution for hair loss. It can also be applied directly to the scalp.
A daily scalp massage simply with baby oil helps blood flow better, and also relaxes.
To treat damaged hair we recommend you read our article “How to repair hair”.
Create a good mask with olive oil, which you can apply for thirty or forty minutes. Then wash your hair with your usual shampoo. You will be served other ingredients to make your hair grow faster as the sap accompanied by honey.

There are more natural remedies that will help you increase the amount of hair . Use the one you see that gives you better results.


Healthy eating

Feeding will also help you speed up the growth process. In order to achieve a long, strong and healthy hair you should increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. On the contrary, the consumption of alcohol and precooked food with a lot of salt is detrimental to the hair and its growth.

Massages to stimulate hair growth

You will also be able to use other techniques to make your hair grow like the capillary massages to make your hair grow, perform the massage after washing your hair in a natural and daily way. Then apply a conditioner containing argan oil, almond oil or olive oil. A yoghurt, honey or aloe vera preparation will also be effective. The important thing is that you massage with soft circles created with your fingers. Start from the nape of the neck to the root of the hair, leaving the product to work for a quarter of an hour. If you want the technique to work, you’ll have to get a daily massage. You can do this on both dry and wet hair.

We hope you found these tips helpful.

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