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How often should I wash my hair?

Finding the right hair washing routine is sometimes not easy. This is because every person is different. The type of hair you have determines to a great extent the care you should give it. In addition, you should consider your health status when deciding how and when to wash it. Then, at this point you will surely ask yourself: “How often should I wash my hair?”. From NaisHair we want to help you, that’s why we have brought you the secret that solves the dilemma of how often we should wash our hair.


Hair type is important

The type of hair determines which hair products to use, how to cut it, how to comb it, and of course, how often to wash it. That’s why you shouldn’t be guided by other people’s washing routine. So ask yourself: How often should I wash my hair? No one knows you better than you, so you are best placed to decide how often to wash your hair.


Fine hair tends to get dirty and greasy faster than other hair types. Thick hair, on the other hand, can go unwashed longer. Curly hair dries easily, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to wash it too much. However, straight hair requires more frequent washing. However, there are more factors you should be aware of.

Your lifestyle and daily activities have the last word

Do you do sports? Where do you work? What is your job? And this way you can fill out your own questionnaire. The answers are important to know how often you should wash your hair in each particular case.


If you lead a very active life, doing sport regularly, your scalp sweats more. That means you’ll have to wash it more often.

So how often should I wash my hair

There is no universal formula to know how often we have to wash our hair. According to dermatologist Elizabeth Hughes, you should do it when you feel it greasy to the touch.

Under normal circumstances, washing the hair every 2 or 3 days is usually sufficient. Keep in mind that the less you wash your hair the more it will become accustomed to producing less natural sebum. Apart from that reflect on the particular characteristics of your hair and your lifestyle, and then you can establish a washing routine suitable for you.

If you use removable extensions, such as clip extensions you don’t need to wash them every time you wash your own hair. On the other hand, if you use permanent hair extensions , such as adhesive extensions , you cannot avoid washing them every time you wash your hair. However, you can take the precaution of applying the shampoo only on your own hair, not on the hair extensions. When rinsed with water, the foam will pass through the hair extensions, and that will be enough to make them clean.

How often should oily hair be washed


If you have oily hair, you will most likely have to wash it every day. In fact, in that case it’s not bad to wash your hair every day. Greasy hair is not likely to be damaged with daily washing because being a hair that produces excess grease, daily washing will not dry it out too much. If washing your hair every day is not practical for you, you can resort to using dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo does not replace washing with water and shampoo. However, its use allows to space out the washes because, thanks to its properties, it absorbs the grease produced by the scalp the day after it has been washed. This will allow you not to have to wash your hair every day even if your hair is greasy.

If we don’t like the idea of applying more chemicals to our hair, why not make your own dry shampoo? Home dry shampoo recipe is very simple and inexpensive, but very effective.

How often should dry hair be washed


People with dry hair don’t have to wash their hair every day. As a general rule and under normal conditions, hair with a tendency to dry should be washed about 2 times a week.

But if you’re one of those who can’t go without washing your hair for a day, why don’t you try a occasional conditioner wash? Shampooing hair daily can strip hair of the natural oil that protects it. If your hair is already dry, each wash will leave it even drier. And you wouldn’t be giving him enough time to recover his natural fat after each wash. For that reason, interspersing washes with conditioner only between two shampoos helps your hair maintain its natural moisture.


This will help you especially if you do sports or go to the gym every day. In that case you sweat and want to wash your hair every day. Do it without any problem, but try to make some washes only with conditioner.

In conclusion, how often should I wash my hair

After analyzing all the factors, only you can decide how often to wash your hair. Every person is different, but if you touch it and feel it dirty or greasy, then it’s time to wash it.

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