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How to add volume to your hair. Bye bye thin hair

“I have little hair. I want to know how to have more volume in my hair” Do you feel the same concern? So if you have thin hair and want to know how to give volume to hair, this article is for you.

The problem of little hair can be easily disguised with the tips below. If you really want to know what volume is, what it takes your breath away from, we invite you to discover it….

How to give volume to fine hair

To learn how to have more volume in your hair you just need to know some tricks devised by great stylists, since many of their clients ask them how to have hair with a lot of volume.

How to get volume in hair with 4 basic steps

Among the main tricks to give volume to hair are the following:


Invest in a good shampoo

The shampoo you use can make a difference. That’s why we recommend you choose a sulfate-free volumizing shampoo. It’s not miraculous, but it helps.

Cut it

How to give volume to hair with a cut? Very easy. Nothing better than adding strategic layers to it. Layer cuts increase volume as they create the illusion of thickness and body.

If you want bangs, make sure they start further back in the head so that the fringe looks full. Finally, shorter hair tends to look healthier and has more volume.

Dry to opposite side

How to give volume to the root? There’s nothing better than blow-drying your hair to the opposite side. With a wild boar bristle brush, start drying wet hair by pulling the section up and drying in the opposite direction to natural hair loss.

The best thing about this trick is its simplicity. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be an expert in hairdressing. It is also made with simple tools such as a round brush and a hand dryer. No doubt you will notice much more volume in your hair with this simple everyday gesture.

Cares for the scalp

One of the best ways to increase hair volume is to give it the necessary care. That’s why you should avoid using too much heat with dryers or irons. Excessive heat on the scalp may weaken the hair follicles, causing them to fall out or grow more slowly.

Whenever your scalp is healthy, your hair will grow thicker.

How to give volume to hair with strategic cuts

Among the cuts most used to increase the volume of fine hair are the following:

Long layers

Hair with a single length cut is one of the biggest enemies of volume. But a very long hair and a hair with volume are not two incompatible things. You can get volume and body in XL hair with long layered cuts. Ideally, your stylist should add a little volume to the hair with light layers at the end of the hair.


One of the great models of this type of cut, is the famous Jennifer Aniston, who, for a long time, has made this style a sign of identity.

Bob with neo-layers

How to give volume to straight hair. The bob cut with neo-layers is ideal for that. It is characterized by subtle layers and an asymmetrical touch. One of the biggest advantages of this cut is that in addition to adding volume to your hair, is very easy to retouch.


The famous Siena Miller has managed to popularize this cut. And it looks beautiful on it. The asymmetry of this cut will make you look fresh, modern and very beautiful.

The Swag

It is one of the most modern cuts, which gives the hair a lot of volume. Fringes add volume and shape to your crown, while layers can be easily manipulated into beach waves, or curls.

For a softer, more romantic look, just curl the ends of your Swag haircut and it will look really beautiful. It is a simple and modern way of giving volume to the hair.

Angled Lob

A slightly angled balloon rubbing against the shoulder will add body and shape to your fine hair, like the famous Emma Stone. The ends of the hair will look light, and will be perfect for straightening.


Blunt Bob Short

No matter how long your hair is, a blunt cut is a great choice if you have fine hair. Cutting a bob creates a strong line that adds the illusion of volume. Waves created with a curling iron combine very well with this cut.

How to give volume to the hair in the easiest and fastest way


To give volume to the hair your best option are the hair extensions.

Hair extensions

The 100% human hair extensions are excellent for giving not only volume to your hair but also the length you want. It is possible to have very long and voluminous hair.

Discover the various types of hair extensions that will best suit your hair type and lifestyle.

Adhesive extensions of natural hair

It is a relatively new and best technique for women with fine hair. These extensions are attached to your natural hair with special adhesive tape so that it already has incorporated. Tape wefts are thin and light, so they do not cause damage. It is the permanent form of extensions that are more comfortable, not only to wear them day by day but also to sleep.

The volume of your hair will increase in just minutes.

Clip extensions natural hair

They’re temporary extensions. Best of all, the clips don’t weigh much, so they can be used on fine hair without damaging it. You can use them if you want to maintain the volume of your hair every day or if you leave it only for special days.

They are so easy to put on that anyone without experience can do it. That’s why they’re becoming the most popular extensions.

You can access this link to find out how clip extensions are placed . Or watch the following video where we show you how to place them yourself.

Reasons to use extensions and give volume to hair

Among the main reasons to use extensions and give more volume to the hair are the following.


1. Totally safe for your hair

When hair extensions are placed correctly, there is no reason why they could damage the hair. So the thing about them generating hair loss is just a myth.

2. Variety

Are you bored with the same hairstyle for long periods of time? Even the best haircuts can age after a while. The beauty of temporary hair extensions is that they can be used to alternate between looks: long hair, medium mane, curls, waves, straight. Anything you want.

3. Economic positioning system

Clip-on hair extensions are perfect even for those of us who are not experts in hairdressing or who do not have the ability to pay a stylist very expensive placements. They’re very easy to put on. That way you’ll save the money it costs to place other types of extensions that require the work of an experienced professional.

4. Increased hair volume

Instantly increasing the volume of your hair can only be achieved with extensions. You can go from thin, short hair to long, voluminous hair in a matter of minutes.

5. Excellent durability

100% human remy hair extensions can last a long time, as long as they are given the care they need. They can last from 6 months to more than two years, depending on whether they are processed or virgin.

They require very little maintenance.

Changes in hairstyle that are quick, temporary and safe

Hair extensions, especially temporary ones, are perfect for experiencing (Californian gray extensions, fantasy colored highlights, ombré or balayage) and avoiding coloring or bleaching your own hair. You can try various products on them, and not touch your natural hair.


Now that you know all the secrets about adding volume to your hair, it’s time to choose the one that best suits your style and tastes. Don’t think about it anymore and increase the volume of your hair from today with these wonderful tricks.

If you have any trick different from the ones we have exposed here, that you find effective to give volume to fine hair, share it with us in the comments.

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