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How to Care for Long Hair: Top 7 Tips

Do you have long hair? Congratulations, you’re the envy of many women. In today’s post we want to share with you the best tips for taking care of long hair, because we know that it is not easy to keep it beautiful and healthy. However, with these tips you will make it strong, healthy and beautiful.

What if you don’t have long hair, very much to your regret

If you don’t have very long hair and you know it won’t grow beyond a certain point, don’t get sad, these tips will also be useful to you. Besides, you know that nowadays it is possible to have beautiful long hair, even if it doesn’t grow beyond your shoulders. Many women already enjoy waving their long manes without having to wait for it to grow. Of course, we recommend that you choose Remy quality 100% human hair extensions . This way they’ll look so natural that everyone will wonder what you’re doing to make your hair grow so fast.

7 Tips for taking care of long hair

Use the correct brush

So that long hair does not break when combing it, it is important that you use a brush that does not stress the hair too much. If you comb your hair in the wet, it’s best to do it with a comb with wide, separate teeth, not with a brush. If you do it with a brush it must be one that does not break the hair like the Tangle Teezer . This brush does not break the hair, not even in wet, because the bristles are not hard but flexible.


Otherwise, you can use a brush with wild boar bristles. Being natural bristles also helps to minimize friction when brushing.

Start by untangling the tips and then continue untangling the middle part, and then the area closest to the roots. In this way you do not pull too much of the roots, so you will avoid pain and unnecessary loss or breakage of the hair.

Deep moisturizing treatment, once or twice a week

If you tend to style your hair with heat tools such as hair dryers, straighteners or curling irons, it is important that you use a moisturising treatment once or twice a week. That way you’ll regain lost hydration. You can use masks with homemade natural ingredients. It is also very beneficial in these cases to use warm coconut or olive oil. Being warm multiplies its effectiveness because the hair absorbs it faster. The home remedies for hair have proven to be very effective and have nothing to envy of expensive professional treatments.


Use a heat shield

Wearing a heat shield makes the difference between burnt and unburnt hair. This is because it wraps around the hair, creating a protective barrier that prevents damage. Besides, it leaves you with an impeccable finish, without frizz.


It’s wiser to avoid harm than to try to repair it when it’s done.

Bands or rubber bands for the hair that do not break it

There is a new trend in hair rubbers that is causing furor among women who want to take care of their hair, because they do not break the hair. They are known as telephone cable gums, because of their spiral shape, which reminds us of fixed telephones. We love them because they don’t pull hair. As it is shaped like a spiral, the tightness of the hair is more distributed, so it is less. When you undo your ponytail, it slides easily, without breaking your hair. And he doesn’t leave pigtail marks on his hair after being all day with his hair up. That’s why they’re becoming so famous and recommended.


Whatever hair accessory you choose, make sure it doesn’t break your hair. Your mane will thank you.

To dry the hair do not use a towel, but a cotton t-shirt

Although it may seem a very simple thing, the friction caused by the rubbing of a towel on the hair, makes it frizzy and weak. However, drying with a cotton T-shirt reduces the possibility of frizz and damage to the hair.

Use the dryer with a low temperature and direct the air from top to bottom, in the direction of the tips

Minimizes use of dryer or other hot tools. However, if you have to use them, do so at the lowest possible temperature. The way you use it is also important. The nozzle should point downward in the direction of the hair cuticle.

caption id=”attachment_7970″ align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]1 DO NOT point the hair dryer nozzle to one side or upwards because this will cause your hair to frizz and weaken.

If you use the dryer as shown in the photo, with the nozzle to one side, or worse, up, the hair curls and ends up being damaged. This is because the hot air, which goes in the opposite direction to the cuticle, lifts them each time you dry. As a result the hair will curl more and more, become tangled, lose its shine and therefore look ugly. However, if you use the dryer in such a way that the jet of hot air is directed downwards, the cuticles will close. This way you won’t lift the cuticle, so the hair won’t curl or weaken.

Try not to wash your hair too much

To keep your hair healthy, you should wash it two or three times a week. If you wash it too often you will leave the hair defenceless against external aggressive factors, so it will become weak. This is because the natural sebum produced by the scalp is actually a natural protector. So if you want to have long and beautiful hair, we recommend that you look for other options to avoid damaging the hair with daily washing .

Correct way to use dry shampoo

You may find it helpful to use a dry shampoo. This will help you to keep your hair looking impeccable, between washes. The best thing about this type of shampoo is that it also gives you volume and texture, so you get a three for one. You can even make your own dry shampoo with homemade ingredients you’re sure to have at home.

Wash your hair the right way


To get a long and beautiful mane it is important to wash the hair the right way . If you put a lot of shampoo in your hands and rub it on the tips, then I’m sorry to say you’ve already started wrong. But don’t worry, we’ve all made that mistake. It’s actually just the scalp that needs shampooing. If we think about it, it’s a matter of logic. It is in the scalp where oil is produced. The rest of the hair is clean only with the traces of foam that go down it when you rinse the shampoo. Don’t forget to calmly massage the scalp with the shampoo for a few minutes. This simple gesture contributes to hair growth by stimulating blood circulation.

After shampooing always use conditioner or mask to restore hair hydration. This is important because in long hair the ends tend to dry out. The reason is because they are so far from the root, which is where he receives nutrition.

Finally, rinse hair with cold water. This helps to close the cuticle and therefore keeps the hair healthier and shinier.

Wears a long, voluminous and sexy hair


As you can see, having long, beautiful hair is easier if you follow these simple tips.

If your hair doesn’t grow as you’d like it to and you can’t get it long, do what many women have been doing for a long time, use hair extensions. You don’t have to stay behind. If you are undecided you can start using clip extensions , which because they are temporary, removable, allow you to use them only when you want.

Of course, if you use extensions you can apply these 7 tips to make your extensions last a long time.

Tell us how you are doing with the application of these tips, below in the comments.

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