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How to Care for Natural Hair Extensions

Today we talk about how to care for natural hair extensions. Giving proper care to your natural hair extensions is basic to make them last much longer. Also in our section of Care and Maintenance of extensions you will find many more tips. Let us explain step by step how to give your extensions a good maintenance.

Tips on how to care for natural hair extensions

Sewn hair extensions or natural hair curtains are strands of hair attached to the top with a very fine band or seam. The base of the curtain can be placed on your own hair with different systems: clips, seams, glue, or adhesive tape, while the ends are free just like your own hair. Sewn natural hair extensions are available in human or synthetic hair. Regardless of which type you use, you need to know how to care for hair extensions if you want them to last as long as possible.

Natural hair extensions can be dyed and bleached, but if you do, you will considerably shorten their duration. That’s why it’s so much better if you avoid fading to a lighter color. It is more advantageous to buy them lighter and darken them with a colour bath than to buy them dark and discolour them.


How to mold natural hair extensions

There are synthetic extensions that resist high temperatures. However they do not tolerate a temperature as high as it tolerates natural hair. Therefore, do not use the iron at a temperature higher than 120 degrees. If you exceed it, the extension will melt and ruin your flat iron. But be careful because there are some synthetic extensions that do not accept any kind of heat. Be sure to apply heat to them. You can do the test with a small sample of hair before molding them.

If, on the other hand, your extensions are natural hair then you have free rein to do the same with them as you would with your own hair. With the advantage that you don’t mistreat your own hair, but your extensions.


You can use the straightener to wave, curl and straighten your natural hair extensions as many times as you want. But remember, the more you abuse the iron and dryer, the less time your extensions will last. Therefore, the more you avoid using heat appliances on human hair extensions, the longer they will last.

If you decide to use a lot of iron and dryer on your extensions, try, as far as possible, to use as few chemicals as possible on your extensions. This way you won’t be forced to overwash them.

Carefully brush your hair extensions

When you brush your extensions try to be gentle in doing so. Avoid pulling when brushing because, unlike your own hair, which falls out and comes out again, the hair extensions do not grow back. Once the hair comes out of the curtain extensions you can not put them back. These are getting finer and finer. With the passage of months they will have lost a lot of volume. However, if you are careful when combing your hair, you reduce that effect to a minimum. To do this, start by brushing them at the ends and brush them higher and higher, gradually going up towards the root. Use a special pull-free brush for extensions.

How often to wash the extensions

You only need to wash your hair extensions once they feel dirty. Keep in mind that your own hair gets nutrients from the root. In addition, the scalp produces natural sebum or oil. That makes the hair look greasy. However, in the case of extensions, this hair does not receive nutrients from the root. It doesn’t get dirty or greasy as much as your own hair. So it’s more important to hydrate them than to wash them.

How to maintain and care for your own hair is slightly different from how to care for natural hair extensions. The length of your extensions will depend on how often you wash them. The less you wash them, the longer they last. Before washing your extensions, unwind them well with the brush without jerks.

How to wash natural hair extensions

caption id=”attachment_3466″ align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]1 When washing your extensions remember not to rub your hair very aggressively to avoid tangles[/caption]

To wash them, fill the sink with water at room temperature, not too hot. Place the ends of the hair extensions in the water and leave the base of the stitch or joint out of the water. Keeping the base of the extensions dry will help them last longer and become less tangled. When lathering your extensions be careful and avoid rubbing the hair too much. You’d better use a neutral shampoo that’s gentle on the hair. You can also try a dry shampoo between wash and wash. Then you won’t have to wash them with water too often.

If they are removable, such as a clip, it is advisable to wash each extension piece separately to avoid tangling. In the video below you can see step by step how to wash some clip extensions.

How to hydrate the extensions

Using a good conditioner or mask when caring for natural hair extensions is very important. You should condition your human hair extensions at least every time you wash them. Remember that natural hair extensions do not receive the natural oils that your own hair does receive from the root. That’s why extensions do need hydration to stay shiny and soft.

Remember that…

Always the best that the extensions dry in the air, not with the dryer. But if they are sewn to your hair make sure that the part where it is sewn is very dry. That’s usually the part that takes the longest to dry. If it is always wet, it can cause a faster deterioration of the extensions. So if you see fit, blow dry that part. You can mold hair extensions with your flat iron or curling iron, but first make sure they are completely dry.


In short: You can do whatever you want with your natural hair extensions, but keep in mind that the more you mistreat them the less time they will last. Just as with your own hair, you should give good maintenance to natural hair extensions.

We hope these tips will help you take good care of your hair extensions and get the most out of them.