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How to give volume to short hair

Would you like to have more volume in your short hair? If your hair is thin and scarce it is likely that you have already done everything to get more volume. And maybe you will, but as the hours go by, the volume you’ve worked so hard to achieve fades away. You may have already had a haircut to increase the volume of your hair, but you feel that it is not enough. If you don’t have the volume you’d like and you’re willing to remedy it, this article is for you. We show you several tricks to give volume to short hair, and that also lasts all day.


How to give volume to short hair

Having a lot of volume in your hair makes you look sexy, attractive and confident. That’s why we all want to have volume in the hair, whether we have long or short hair.

If you don’t have the volume you’d like, don’t worry, there’s a solution. In this article we show you 5 simple tricks to give volume to short hair. You’ll see they’re not complicated things to do and they won’t take any longer.

1.Hair extensions for short hair


Hair extensions are the fastest and most effective way to add volume to your hair. Yes, even if you have short hair you can use extensions. There is a misconception that extensions are only used to increase hair length, but this is not the case. You can use them to increase the volume, even if you don’t want to increase the length.

To use short hair extensions, your hair must be at least 2.5 cm long.

Be sure to use 100% human quality 100% human hair extensions Remy, as they are the best that exist and the longest lasting.

2.Dry shampoo


Dry shampoo is used to give hair a clean look. This effect is achieved by the absorbent power of the shampoo. When applied to the roots of the hair it eliminates the natural grease or sebum produced by the scalp after a day or two of having washed it. That, in turn, has an immediate and lasting volumizing effect.

If you like the idea of using dry shampoo to increase hair volume, but don’t want to put more chemicals in your hair, you can make dry shampoo yourself. Homemade ingredients are used to do this, so you can enjoy the benefits of dry shampoo, but without chemicals. You can see the recipe in our article: “Dry shampoo, what it is and how to use it”.

3.Texture Spray

A texturizing spray is not the same as a lacquer or any other fixing product. Unlike these, texturizing products are not intended to fix the hair, but to give it structure. They may have some fixing effect but not as much as a common lacquer. They are ideal for giving volume, as they change the texture of fine hair, making it look thicker and full-bodied.

4.Change hairline


The hair is always divided by the same place, and let’s say that it accommodates in that direction, thus losing volume in that area. To avoid that change the hairline from time to time. If you use it in the center you can set it aside to vary, and you will see how you will get more volume than you imagine. In addition, as the hair is not very long and heavy, the roots will maintain the volume achieved for longer.

5.Carda roots


Carding the roots keeps them upright, achieving instant volume. If you also want that elevation of the roots is maintained all day apply a little lacquer or fixative spray on the roots after carding them. That last gesture will make the volume last much longer.

In order to be more effective it is better than cardes lock by lock. And when you finish carding, comb the part of the hair that is above, in sight, so that it is without knots. Then the carded locks will be hidden and no one will discover your “trick”.

What about you? Do you have a trick to get more volume in your short hair? Share them with us in the comments.

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