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How to Grow Your Bang: Tips and Tricks

It’s happened to all of us. One day we get a different look, we cut bangs and it looks impressive. But as the bangs grow, they stay in that intermediate measure that is not long enough to mix with the hair but not short enough to look good. So your hair stays on your face, your hairstyle becomes a nightmare, and you desperately seek a solution to how to grow your bangs faster.

How to look good while growing your bangs

Don’t worry, gorgeous! We’re here to help you. Read on and you’ll discover our best tricks for growing bangs that will make your bangs look perfect until you can comfortably comb your hair.

1. Cut your bangs regularly and keep your hair healthy

It may be tempting to want to cut your bangs and cut them short again, but don’t give in to temptation or you’ll never end. The dilemma is: To be always condemned to the same type of bangs or to let them grow in order to vary?

On the other hand, keep in mind that cutting a little off the ends of your bangs will help you to take good care of it, healthier, and therefore it will better absorb nutrients from the scalp and grow faster. A frequency of cutting the ends approximately every 6 weeks will allow your bangs to grow at a good rate as they mix with the rest of your hair.

We recommend that you use a conditioning mask on your hair weekly to keep your hair soft and nourished. Always remember that the healthier the hair, the faster it grows.

2. Comb your bangs to one side or make a braided bangs

Once your bangs are beyond eye size, it’s time to comb them sideways. In this way you will gradually disguise that fringe until you can comb it on the sides of your face. Comb your bangs in the same direction as your hair. It can be useful to use hair gel or hair gel because since it has a strong fixing power it will help you, especially at the beginning, to give shape to your hair.

A braided fringe is the easiest option. It is also a trend, at the same time gives your appearance a fresh and youthful touch. With a high braid you can pick up all your bangs. And with the help of gel or gum the short hair will be well fastened and mixed with your hair.

Take a look at the following example of how inspiringly stylish her brand-new braided bangs are.


3. Be creative with forks and braids

With the forks you will be able to let your imagination fly with different patterns and creative forms. You’ll be amazed at how many different sophisticated shapes you can make with a little creativity. It will also help to fix your bangs and give you a more youthful look.


4. Wet hair style with medium stripe

The Kardashian have brought into fashion the chic style of wet hair with stripe in the middle. Use that style to comb your bangs. First wet your hair with the spray until you get the look of just out of the shower. Then lather your hair on the front of your hair. With a comb, comb your hair back looking for that trendy style that is so fashionable.

Look at this picture of Kim Kardashian for inspiration


5. Use headbands to hold your bangs.

With the headbands you can also get that chic style, but at the same time classic, that you like so much. This style will never go out of style. The style of jewelry headband with the hair back is elegant, vintage, and super easy to get. Simply place the headband and comb backwards. In a matter of seconds you’ll have that lovely look that will clear your bangs from your face until you’ve made it grow and you can comb it with the rest of your hair. If you want ideas about hairdiadems look at this article.

6. Uses false fringes

The false fringes or fringe extensions are another excellent solution available to you that will help you cover the front of your face until your fringe grows. As with clip extensions come in different models and colors, and with the clip system they attach perfectly to your own hair and camouflage perfectly as well as giving you volume and a fresh, youthful look to your face.


With these tips you can comb your short bangs as they grow. Do you have any other ideas for combing and growing your bangs? Then take advantage of it and share it with us in the comments below.