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How to prevent natural hair extensions from becoming entangled

After understanding why hair gets tangled, we will better understand the tips to avoid tangling natural hair extensions.

Good quality extensions shouldn’t really get tangled any more than your own hair. Poor quality extensions do become entangled easily. That’s why we advise you to choose Remy Remy hair extensions, as they are of the best quality and don’t get tangled up easily. But even so, we must give them proper care because they can get tangled up if we don’t treat them right.


1. Brush your hair


You should brush your hair daily but gently. In order not to pull the hair it is better to use a brush for extensions. We recommend our pull-free brush for extensions. Before brushing you can use your fingers to remove the biggest knots that have been made in your hair. Brush the hair starting at the ends and continuing to the root. You have to comb it in the direction of the ends. When the bottom is unraveled, keep going up.

2. Beware the shampoo

Although you can wash your hair normally using shampoo, many stylists recommend using shampoo only on your own hair and not on extensions directly. But if you decide to apply it also in the extensions at least try to rinse it well so that no residue remains, that when drying could cause more entanglements. There are also products on the market specially designed for hair extensions.

3. Use a silk or satin pillow

Although it may seem silly, when we sleep we go around a lot, that’s why when we touch the head with the pillow, the hair will get tangled. If the pillow or pillowcase is made of cotton, it will make the hair tangled. Silk allows hair to move smoother and become less tangled.

4. Dry hair well


It is best to wash it for the day when there are more hours for it to dry, as one of the worst things for hair is to sleep with wet hair. Keep in mind that the hair at the roots is the one that takes the longest to dry and where the tangling begins. Make sure the roots are dry before you go to sleep.

5. Don’t sleep with your hair down


Sleeping with loose hair can cause it to become tangled and mistreated. That’s why it’s best to make yourself a bow or a braid that fits loosely. Don’t let your hair get tight, as this could make you uncomfortable and also damage your hair.

Many women find it very practical to go to bed first and, with their heads already on the pillow, they make a bow right at the crown of their heads. This ensures that the pigtail will remain in a part of the head where it will not cause discomfort while sleeping.

6. “What if I’m already tangled up?”

In some cases you can use a small brush (such as the one for the eyebrows) and brush the tangle towards the root to help those hairs that have become tangled in the extensions come off. You can rub with your fingers afterwards to make the hair come out more easily. If you do this every few days, you’ll keep hair from accumulating in that area. Always do this with dry hair, never with wet hair.

One more tip: if you have wavy or curly hair, it is better to smooth the area where the extensions are going to be applied to “tame” your hair and that the extension is better fixed.

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If you apply these tips you can enjoy your 100% human hair extensions without having to stress unnecessarily from the annoying tangles. May nothing obscure your happiness of feeling beautiful.


What about you? Do you have any tricks to keep natural hair extensions from getting tangled up? If so, we’d love for you to share it with us, below, in the comments.