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How to protect your hair when you sleep

When we think of the typical beauty ritual that many women do before going to bed, the first thing that comes to mind is skin care. But do you know that your hair also needs your attention when you’re getting ready to sleep? That’s why in this post we show you 8 tips to protect your hair when you sleep so that it is prettier and healthier every day.

How to protect hair when sleeping


Taking care of and protecting your hair is an investment in beauty. Hair is a very important aspect of us and the image we project to others. That’s why you’ll like the tips we offer in this article, because they considerably improve the appearance and health of your hair. But best of all, they’re very easy to do and won’t take long. So don’t worry, you won’t have to spend too much time preparing for sleep. We have chosen the 8 tips we consider most important to protect your hair while you sleep.

The 8 best tips to protect the hair when sleeping

1.Do not lie down with wet hair


Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet. That’s why it’s very easy for your hair to break while you sleep because of the friction it suffers from the friction of the pillow. In addition to breaking, it can curl very easily, and the appearance of your hair the next morning will be quite fosco. If you can’t avoid washing your hair at night then try to dry it with a hair dryer before going to bed.

2.Use a silk or satin pillowcase


To minimize pillow friction on your hair we recommend using a silk or satin pillow instead of the traditional cotton pillow. It seems of little importance but silk is a softer fabric compared to cotton, so it prevents the tips from opening and splitting. And it does not cause frizz in the hair because being so soft, it does not “scrape” or lift the cuticles of the hair.

3.Applies night treatment

The rest period is a perfect time to moisturize and nourish your hair. It is especially recommended if you are a very busy person and do not have time during the day to apply masks and wait the necessary time for them to act. If that is so, take advantage of the hours of sleep to pamper your hair, and in the morning wash it as usual. In addition to using a serum or a traditional treatment you can use home remedies , such as coconut oil or some other ingredient beneficial to your hair. When you wash your hair in the morning it will feel soft, hydrated and strengthened.

Don’t forget to protect your pillow so you don’t fill it with mask or oil.

4.Massage your scalp for a few minutes


One thing we often forget very easily is that the state of the hair depends largely on the health of the scalp. That’s why it’s advisable to do a light massage on the scalp before going to bed. But it is not necessary to dedicate too much time, with only 2 minutes each night you will achieve the goal. After a while you will begin to see that your hair is more vigorous and healthy.

5.Brush the hair before going to bed with a brush that does not break the hair.


Grandmothers said you had to brush your hair a hundred times a day to make it beautiful and healthy. But the truth is that so far it has not been possible to prove whether this is true. What’s true is that it’s not good to go to bed with tangled hair. While you sleep it’s going to get more tangled up and then it’s going to be harder to untangle. So try brushing your hair every night with a good throw-free brush . This gesture also helps the hair shed the dust that has accumulated during the day. This is important because hair collects ten times more dust than skin.

In addition, brushing stimulates circulation in the scalp, and thus hair grows faster and healthier. But don’t do it a hundred times, because brushing too much hair can weaken it and cause it to break.

6.Become a loose braid or a ponytail that is not too tight


Sleeping with a loose braid will keep your hair from getting tangled. In addition, it also reduces friction in the hair when you move. And as an added advantage, in the morning you will have soft waves that look very nice.

On the other hand, if you don’t want waves to be marked on your hair while you sleep, opt for a ponytail. Make it high, so it doesn’t bother you when you sleep. Make sure you make a loose ponytail, because if it’s too tight it could break your hair. At the same time, for the ponytail, try using a cloth ponytail, as elastic rubber bands break the hair.

7.Remove hair extensions before going to bed

If you use clip hair extensions it is necessary that you take them off before going to bed. If you don’t, your hair will get tangled and break easily. It is true that the clip extensions do not damage the hair, but they were not designed so that we can sleep with them. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also damages both your hair and the hair extensions. Even if you use 100% human hair extensions Remy, which are the best, you must bear in mind that they can be damaged more quickly if you do not use them in the way recommended by the manufacturer. Therefore, if you use permanent extensions, such as adhesive extensions or keratin extensions , if you can sleep with them. However, it is not recommended to sleep with the clip-on ones. So, no matter how tired you are, don’t give in to the temptation to throw yourself on the sofa with your extensions on when you get home from work.


You can also apply the tips in this post if you use permanent extensions, such as extensions from stitched curtain . Well, that’s how you contribute to the extensions being beautiful for a long time.

There are many benefits to pampering hair before going to sleep. Remember that everything you do for your hair is an investment in beauty.

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