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How to tame curly hair with frizz

Very curly hair is beautiful, but sometimes it’s so hard to tame that it can make you despair. Surely it has happened to you that looking in the mirror of a shop you have been horrified by a kind of lion staring at you. The ones with curly hair know what I’m talking about. If that “lion moment” is familiar to you, you may want to read this article in which we share tips for controlling curly hair with frizz.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why does frizz occur?” “How can I eliminate frizz?” or “What can I do and what can’t I do in curly hair?” we’re here to help.

With our tips and tricks you can enjoy perfect curls without a pinch of frizz.

Reasons why you have curly hair with frizz


Why is the hair curling? Frizz is caused by lack of moisture in the hair and excess moisture in the environment. That means that very dry and damaged hair curls more than healthy and hydrated hair.

This happens because when hair is dehydrated it tends to absorb moisture from the environment, and then curls.

Curly hair naturally dries and dehydrates easily. For that reason, hair that is naturally curly tends to curl at the slightest sign of moisture. However, even the most curly and rebellious hair can be tamed with the tricks shown below.

How to tame curly hair with frizz or frizz


To tame curly hair with frizz you must start specific care from the wash. After washing, hydrate and nourish it with the appropriate products. And lastly, make sure you dry your hair the right way Each of these steps is important so that the final result is the one you want. These are simple steps. Let’s look at every one of them.

1.Shampoo with glycerin but without sulphates


The ideal shampoo to combat frizz is the glycerin shampoo. But make sure the glycerin appears at the top of the ingredient list. If glycerin appears among the last ingredients in the list, it means that it does not have a significant glycerin concentration. In that case you wouldn’t notice much difference from other shampoos.

Glycerin will help eliminate frizz because it penetrates the hair strand and hydrates it from the inside out. It also creates a protective layer on the hair that ensures that moisture remains inside and does not escape.

At the same time, it is important that the shampoo you use is sulfate-free. These are very common ingredients in shampoos as they are responsible for creating a lot of foam. The detrimental thing about them is that they remove natural oils or fats from the hair, leaving it dry. If this happens the hair will curl very easily. However, a href=””>organic shampoos, sulfate-free, allow hair to maintain its natural hydration, the number one enemy of frizz.

Also, try to get low-alcohol hair products. Look at the list of shampoo ingredients, and if the alcohol is among the top 4 ingredients it means it contains too much of it.

2.Always use conditioner


Use conditioner after shampoo to keep cuticle hydrated. This helps prevent the cuticle from opening and losing moisture, and therefore softness. The conditioner you use should also have a high concentration of glycerin. It may also contain other moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter.

Apply the conditioner, if possible, only half to tip.

3.Wash hair without shampoo from time to time


If you’re in the habit of washing your hair several times a week, why not try some of those shampoo-free washes using just conditioner? Doing so gives the scalp the opportunity to restore natural oils, which will maintain ideal hydration.

4.Moisturizing mask once a week

Keeping hair moisturized helps prevent the cuticle from opening and allowing moisture from the environment into the cuticle. That’s what causes frizz, so avoiding it is critical to keep hair from frizzing. Wearing a moisturizing mask once a week will not only prevent frizz, but your hair will also be more resistant and won’t break as easily.

If your hair is very dry and dehydrated you can use the mask several times a week, or use it every time you wash your hair.

You can prepare the masks with natural ingredients > This is an inexpensive and very effective option.

5.Coconut oil


Coconut oil has many beneficial properties for hair. You can use it in two different ways, as a mask and as an anti-frizz serum. If you want to use it as a mask, apply it to the hair and let it act for a minimum of 20 minutes. You can also leave it in your hair all night and wash it in the morning.

To use it as a serum you only have to put a few drops of coconut oil in liquid form in your hand. Rub your hands a little to spread it on both hands and then run them through your hair from medium to end. Thus, in addition to eliminates frizz has a detangling and softening effect on the hair.

6.Let the hair dry by 80% before using the dryer


If you dry your hair with warm air when it is still very wet, the hair reaches too high a temperature due to humidity. This burns and dries the hair, which will make it more prone to frizz. That’s why it’s best to let your hair air dry until it’s 80% dry. Then you can apply heat with the dryer to finish drying and shape it to your liking. In this way, you will be able to avoid, to a great extent, the damage that the dryer could cause.

7.Use diffuser in the dryer if you want curls without frizz


If you blow dry curly hair without using a diffuser, frizz will occur in your hair. This is because the hair moves due to the force of the airflow, the movement creates friction and friction produces frizz. However, the diffuser prevents the hair from moving when drying and this will help to form perfect curls, without frizz.

8.Apply lacquer with an eyelash mascara wand

This trick is ideal for small areas of hair that curl. All you have to do is sprinkle a little lacquer on a mascara wand and pass it through the areas where frizz has formed. This is a very practical idea especially to use in movement, ie to control the hair throughout the day. Even if you leave your house very well combed it is likely that during the day, with the wind or other factors, the hair will curl in certain areas. To be able to face these inconveniences you only have to carry in your wallet or purse a worn mascara and a small bottle of lacquer, if possible, without alcohol. In a minute your hairstyle will look impeccable again.

9.Serum for the final finish


An indispensable solution to win the battle against frizz is to use a serum or oil for the tips. The product penetrates the cuticle and gives it the moisture it loses throughout the day. In addition, it creates a protective layer on the hair that adds shine and prevents the moisture it already has from being lost.

With two or three drops of a good serum you can tame curly hair with frizz. Put a few drops on the palms of your hands and rub the serum. Then run your hands through your hair. That way it is evenly distributed throughout the hair.

10.Use hot tools at medium temperature


Drying and combing hair at a very high temperature seems to make it softer, shinier and healthier. However, the reality is that hair suffers when subjected to very high temperatures. If the temperature is above 365 degrees is very harmful to the hair. That’s why our recommendation is to keep the temperature as low as possible.

Especially if you use irons or curling sticks, using the lowest temperature that allows you to achieve optimal results will prevent damage to your hair and therefore frizz. For this you may have to exercise a little patience and hold each lock a little longer, but it is worth it. Higher temperatures will allow you to comb your hair faster, but in no time you will have uncontrollable frizz in your hair.

What you can do with curly hair

When you have finished washing your hair, remove the excess water with a soft towel. It is best if the towel is made of microfiber or fine cotton fabric, like the fabric of a T-shirt. Traditional terry towels are very rough on the hair and can lift cuticles, which will cause frizz. Therefore, the fine cotton fabric is more delicate with the hair and does not produce frizz.
Apply argan oil to the hair after drying. This wonderful oil is an excellent anti-frizz and also nourishes and hydrates the hair.
Cut the ends of your hair every 6 to 8 weeks. It is necessary that the ends are healthy, because the dry and open ends gives the hair the appearance of frizz.
Sleep with a pillow with a silk cover, as the hair keeps the humidity of the hair intact. Also, by not producing so much friction in your hair, it doesn’t get tangled or curly at night.
Almost all the tips and advice we propose in this article can be put into practice, even if you use a href=””> 100% human hair extensions remy In particular, if you use curly extensions you can take care of them, so they always look nice.

What you can’t do with curly hair with frizz

Never brush curly hair when it’s dry as this curls the hair a lot. Comb only with wet hair, preferably with a wide-tooth comb.
Do not perform many chemical processes on the hair. Overprocessed hair ends up being frizzy hair. Dyes, discolorations, very high temperatures, smoothing and chemical perms open the cuticles. Open cuticles allow humidity to pass through, which is the main cause of frizz. Try to look for safer hair coloring options, straighten hair without irons or get curls without heat. And, most importantly, it prevents discoloration, as the chemical process that most damages the hair and therefore curls it.


We hope these tips have been useful to you in eliminating frizz from your life.

If you have other tricks that have been effective in preventing frizz, share them in the comments. Our readers will thank you.

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