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Learn how to wash your hair the right way

Knowing how to wash your hair properly should be as basic as putting on your favorite jeans. However, according to Parisian colourist Christophe Robin, many mistakes are still being made.

If you’re interested in learning how to wash your hair, then you should read on. Next we will explain you the steps to do it, according to the famous Robin.

Mr. Robin, who is in charge of the style of the beautiful Tilda Swinton and Catherine Devenue, in his living room always hears from his customers the question: “How do I wash my hair?”

Although part of the problem is excessive hair washing, there are other things that are still being done wrong.


On the other hand, Robin says she’s noticed that women are in a hurry lately and therefore don’t take the time to rinse all the products that are applied to their hair. However, everything has a solution.

Next we will explain you the steps to do it following the advice of the famous Christophe Robin. Plus some extra tips on how to maximize the volume and shine of your hair.

Steps to wash your hair

Among the steps to wash your hair properly according to Robin, are the following.

1. Untangle hair with a quality brush


One of the big flaws in combing our hair is that we possibly do it with the first thing we meet, and it shouldn’t be like that. For Mr. Robin, the first thing is to use a quality brush. A brush that won’t break your hair . And start combing from the ends to the roots.

He mentions that before bathing we have to untangle the hair, so that it doesn’t have to be untangled when it’s wet. Never use a comb with wet hair, as this can damage it.

2. Apply a vegetable oil to the ends of the hair

The next step is to apply a vegetable oil to the ends of the hair before shampooing.

For Mr. Robin, the best is lavender oil, which allows hair to be moisturized quickly. He also recommends pure almond oil or argan oil. Ideally, leave it in your hair overnight, or let it act for at least 15 minutes. He explains that it’s much better than using the conditioner.

3. Wash with the shampoo that fits your hair type

Another major problem, according to Mr. Robin, is that most women do not choose the right shampoo for their hair.

For example, for women with colored hair, a sulfate product is not your best choice; while for those with greasy roots or virgin hair, this choice may become the best.

On the other hand, curly hair type has to be drier, and that’s why you can benefit from a conditioner as a substitute for shampoo. In fact, Mr. Robin thinking of women with this type of hair launched one of the first co-washes, from the luxury brand that bears his name, about 20 years ago. This is a lemon cleansing mask with a non-detergent formula.

Finally, she also expressed that some women make the mistake of using many products. The secret is to use only a teaspoon and then emulsify with water. In addition to lathering the roots with the fingertips and not with the nails. This is perfect for improving hair volume and blood circulation.

It should also not be forgotten that the best way to apply the products on the hair is with the head down.

4. Rinse well


When Mr Robin refers to the dreaded expression “rinse well”, it means that we must ensure that the hair is completely clean. For him, it’s one of the big problems, since we’re not taking the right time to rinse the entire product.

5. Apply conditioner only at ends

Another of the secrets recommended by Mr. Robin, is that if you decide to apply a conditioner that is only on the ends of the hair.

He also advises that a deep conditioning mask needs to be applied once a week to address the various problems hair faces, such as fragility and color loss.

6. Do not rub dry hair

Mr. Robin has been using Moroccan advice since the beginning, which has allowed him to obtain good results in hair washing. The text reads as follows: “Turn your head upside down and quickly pass a towel on both sides. This shaking movement of the towel is very effective in removing excess water.

Extra advice

Mr. Robin has recognized that his washing process takes much longer than usual, but the health of the hair deserves it. Plus it will be essential for the shampoo to last longer. She also says that women should not wash their hair more than twice a week.

On the other hand, he also advises that dry shampoo should be the answer for an extra day or night. In the case of more active women, who do a lot of sport, they can apply a vinegar solution to the roots to remove the oil from the scalp.

The best vinegar for this purpose is apple cider, which should be mixed in five ounces of water and placed in an atomizer.


The best thing about vinegar is that unlike dry shampoo it leaves no residue. In addition, it greatly favors the scalp and the appearance of the hair, giving it softness and shine. This is one of Mr. Robin’s extra tips, which will be of great help for the correct washing of your hair.