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Myths and truths about hair

Urban myths or legends have always existed in any field, especially in everything related to beauty. That’s why today we want to dismantle urban legends that have to do with hair. In this article we will talk about 7 myths and truths about hair.

Myths and truths about hair

Believing something that isn’t true will always hurt you, whether in the short or long term. If you want to avoid making a mistake when it comes to hair care, but keep doing what really benefits you, you need to make sure of what’s true and what’s not. Let’s analyze the most popular myths and truths about hair.

1.Hair grows faster if cut: Myth

This statement is a myth because the visible part of the hair is dead tissue. For that reason, the cut has no effect on its growth rate. In an article on health and physical culture, The New York Times states that “Cutting or shaving your hair does not affect growth, texture or thickness. I’m sorry to give you some bad news, but the speed of hair growth depends mainly on genetics. There are other factors that influence, and are caused, all by what happens inside your body, specifically at the inner root of the hair. In short, what you do at the ends of your hair doesn’t change what happens at the root.


2.Cutting it stops the fall: MYTH

Numerous studies from 1920 to the present day have shown that hair growth or thickness is determined by genetics and hormone levels, not by the frequency of cutting. Hair loss happens for reasons that have nothing to do with the ends of the hair. Cutting them won’t solve the problem. Hair falls out due to internal causes such as hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition, illness, stress, etc… Therefore, cutting the ends of the hair has no influence whatsoever on the root of the hair.
Falls more in autumn: TRUTH
This is called a seasonal fall. To summarize, hair has a natural cycle of birth, growth and fall. In autumn the hair renewal peaks are observed and usually last about three weeks. If it lasts much longer than three weeks, you may want to go to the doctor to rule out other underlying problems.

4.Dye holds better with dirty hair: MYTH

If you are one of those who thinks that going two weeks without washing your head will make the dye take better, you are wrong. The dyes work whether the hair is clean or dirty. What is certain is that if the hair is dirty the scalp will be more protected by the natural sebum it has produced. This will help prevent the dye chemicals from irritating the scalp skin and causing itching. However, two days without washing your hair before dyeing is enough. There’s no need for flies to flutter around you!

It is better to make the last rinse with cold water: TRUTH
Cold water seals the hair cuticles, so this habit makes the hair look shinier. In addition, the cold water stimulates circulation in the scalp, which favors the growth of new hair.

6.You should not dye if you are pregnant: MYTH

Years ago, dyes contained ingredients that could be harmful to the fetus. But today there are no studies that indicate that current dyes can harm the fetus. However, if you’re still worried, you can expect to get dyed in the second trimester of pregnancy, when the baby has already developed and is less vulnerable. And after that time, make sure the dye doesn’t contain lead acetate, because that compound could pose risks to the baby.

7.Extensions cause hair to fall out: MYTH

Extensions do not cause hair loss. As explained in points 2 and 3, hair falls out through a natural renewal process. In other cases the excessive fall is due to internal causes such as hormonal imbalances, poor diet, illness, stress etc … If you already have some of these problems and you decide to use extensions, your hair will fall out, but because of the previous problem you already had, not because of the extension. And, even in that case you don’t have to renounce to the extensions, you only have to inform yourself what extensions damage the hair less .

The most recommended are the adhesive extensions , if you want them permanent. The adhesive they bring is of surgical quality, so it does not cause allergies and is easily removed with a non-aggressive natural solvent. Besides, they’re very light, so they don’t pull your hair.

If you prefer temporary extensions the most recommended are the clip extensions. These are removed at night, so they do not produce traction in the hair, thus preventing its fall. In addition, you don’t have to put them every day in the same locks of your hair, so that the same area of the scalp is not always stressed.

The cases in which there have been problems have all been due to misplacement or previous hair problems.


It is a pity that a myth like this prevents you from enjoying what many women are already enjoying. Think about it, if they really caused harm, no one would use them. Nobody wants to go bald.

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