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No more stress! Fine hair without volume is no longer a problem

Having beautiful hair is important to every woman, especially because it influences how we feel and how we perceive ourselves. Therefore, if you have fine hair with little volume, it is likely that you will not feel the same as if you had beautiful and abundant hair. The good news is that you can fix it. How? By means of some treatments that will make you look amazing. You’ll stop asking the question, “I have very fine hair, what can I do?” No more complicated solutions, here we will cheat nature to have a beautiful hair in just a few moments!

Reasons why your hair is thin

Having fine hair can depend directly on your origins. What does that mean? It turns out that, according to your genes, you can inherit abundant, shiny hair or dry, thin hair. How does this happen? Well, it’s related to the type of hair you have, for example: if your grandmother has fine hair, it’s likely that your mom has it and you inherit it. However, other factors that can influence the thickness of your hair, but to a lesser extent are:

Stress and high blood pressure: can cause your hair to fall out abnormally.
Aging: as time goes by our body stops absorbing all the nutrients it needs, therefore, a decrease in hair volume is observed in a natural way.
Hormonal changes: There are life changes that affect your hair. Some of the reasons for this are: pregnancy, menopause or thyroid disorders.

How to give volume to fine hair

If you feel your hair doesn’t stand out or doesn’t shine, don’t despair! Every time in our lives we have felt the frustration of wanting to give volume to fine hair without being able to do so. If you also want to reach the goal of having a healthy and beautiful hair, the following tips will be very useful to you.

Treatment of Cassia or Neutral Henna

An excellent way to give body and thickness to very fine hair is to apply a Cassia treatment, or as it is often called in some places, neutral Henna. This wonderful natural treatment gives shine, texture and a lot of volume to the hair, without dyeing it with any color. It conditions and strengthens it, making it ideal for thickening very fine hair .

You can apply it following the instructions specified on the package. Let it act on your hair for an hour. It is advisable to cover the head with a plastic or shower cap to preserve the moisture of the product. You can rinse it with water alone, as it is an excellent scalp cleansing treatment, even eliminating dandruff. This deep cleansing will help strengthen fine hair and make it grow faster.

Use dry shampoo as texturizer

The use of dry shampoo as a texturizer is not new. It’s used a lot in photo shoots. When we see models with those hairs that look like they’re in the air, it’s usually thanks to the use of dry shampoo. What this product does is fatten the hair and give it a slightly more matte look.

You just have to take the precaution of using a small amount. With just a little bit of the product you will be able to appreciate how the volume and texture grows in an evident way. It can even be used as a final finishing product when you collect for fine and thin hair. The result will be a firm, long-lasting and full-bodied uptake.

Suitable cut for fine hair

The haircut medium mane for fine hair is ideal for giving volume to your hair, because it provides more movement giving the effect of abundance. This is because when the length of your hair goes past the shoulders it tends to look heavy.


Another of the most effective haircuts for fine and low quantity hair is a layered cut. But the key to success in this cut is that they are not too degraded layers because then it would make your hair look much thinner, causing the opposite effect to the one you want to achieve. The layers that favor fine hair are those that are very subtle. What is known as neo-layer bob cut, which is so fashionable. The key is to create movement at different heights, with subtle layers, degraded in such a way that they blend perfectly with each other.


Volumizing waves

Another undisputed instant volumizer is the waves. No one can doubt how well-made waves increase the volume of a mane. They are the ideal choice if you have fine hair and little quantity. And besides, they’re super trendy. Our beloved Jennifer Lawrence is an example of how to use loose waves to give volume to fine hair. And they really look beautiful, as you can see in the picture.


But what if you don’t want to give up a long, smooth mane? Yes, you have to admit that having long, straight hair is very attractive. But if it also has a lot of volume, it’s impressive, let’s face it. But is it possible to do it, if you have fine hair? Yes, if it’s possible and it’s within your reach for less than you think.

If wearing short hair is not what you want and does not suit you, you can choose to wear extensions. These, instead of taking off your hair, give you more, which translates into more volume.

Extensions are the ideal solution for fine hair


Do you have very fine hair? If you have used all kinds of products on your hair and you see that it still has a low volume appearance, what happens is that this is how your hair is genetically. Don’t stress, though. This no longer has to be a problem because you can use hair extensions , so you avoid making cuts that you don’t feel comfortable with. Extensions are the ideal choice if you want to thicken fine hair, in a short time and in a lasting way.

You can choose between different types of extensions, the one that best suits you, your personality and your lifestyle. There are fixed extensions and temporary extensions. We explain below what each category consists of so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Time extensions

The temporary extensions are ideal for fine hair because you can use them only for occasions, which will allow your scalp not to be stressed. You can even use them every day but only for a few hours, such as during school or work hours, or perhaps to go out late at night. The rest of the day you rest from them. It’s great because you don’t even have to sleep with them. In fact, it is necessary to remove them before going to sleep, otherwise they could be damaged before their time.

There are two types of temporary or removable extensions: clip extensions and invisible thread extensions.

Invisible thread extensions

For example invisible thread extensions do not damage the scalp at all and do not pull on the strands of your hair. This is because they don’t attach to the hair but to the head. They fit as easily as a headband or headband. They are placed in less than a minute and removed even faster. In the following video you can see how fast and easy you can put them on.

Extensions with clips

Clip-on extensions are very easy to attach. You can even place them yourself. They can be attached to the hair thanks to combs or clips that are placed in it. This makes it very easy for you to take them off. This other video will also show you how easy it is to place them yourself.

Permanent extensions

The a href=””>permanent extensions are the type of extensions that you put and last between two and four months, depending on the speed with which your hair grows and the type of placement. If you choose this type of extensions you have to take into account that you are going to sleep with them. The advantage they have is that you don’t have to put them in every time you go out.

Almost all types of permanent extensions should be fitted by a professional. It’s harder for you to put them on yourself, although if you’re skillful you may be able to put on the adhesive extensions.

Tape or adhesive extensions

The a href=””>adhesive extensions are very comfortable even for sleeping. They do not weigh so they are ideal for use on fine and delicate hair. After you’ve been using them for about three months, they need to be removed to be reattached. But you don’t have to buy new ones, because you can reuse them twice as much. That means they can last you about 9 months or more.

Sewn extensions

They are sewn together so that they look like a hair curtain . This type of extensions are placed with a braid that is woven between your hair and the extension. It is one of the most chosen by most women. Maybe it’s because they give a lot of volume to each piece that’s placed. Or maybe they like it so much for the firmness of their grip. They are very comfortable and versatile. They can be put with different methods of placement, in addition to stitched.

Micro ring or staple or ring extensions

If what you want is to have beautiful hair in a short time these extensions do it. They are characterized by being very natural in your hair and are easy to place because they use small staples or rings. When it comes to shiny, silky and natural hair, staple extensions are an excellent choice. When applied tuft by tuft they leave a very natural mane. This offers you the possibility of having many different hairstyles without the extensions being noticed.

What material are hair extensions made of



Hair extensions can be of three types: natural, synthetic or semi-natural. You’re wondering, which one should I choose? Well, everything will depend on your tastes and your personality, because it is important that you choose the one that best suits your way of being.

Natural hair extensions

They are the most popular because they have the advantage that you can cut, wash, heat mold and dye them. Besides, they don’t get tangled up like synthetics and they’ll last much longer. You can opt for the best extensions that exist, those of virgin human hair. Being hair that has not undergone chemical processes, are the most expensive on the market, but can last 2 years or more. It is good that you keep them hydrated so that they remain in good condition for a long time.

Synthetic hair extensions

The a href=””>synthetic hair extensions are created from keratin-tipped fibers. They are much cheaper than real hair, but they tangle easily and last only about two months. They also don’t look as natural as good quality extensions.

If you decide for this type of extensions you will end up realizing that cheap is expensive. That’s why in our online store we only have extensions 100% natural human hair, without mixtures.

Semi-natural hair extensions

These types of extensions are a combination of synthetic fibers and natural hair. They’re affordable. However, they should be kept away from hot irons or curling irons because of the material they are made of. And just like synthetics, they only last about two months. That’s why we don’t recommend using semi-natural extensions either, as they don’t last long either.

Hair extensions allow you to do multiple hairstyles for fine hair. They provide the versatility, comfort and beauty that your hair does not have naturally. She looks gorgeous with a magazine mane that any one of us would envy.